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Munawar Gul, Haji Pervez, Chaudhary Ghafoor; PML(N) Parade

By Salman Mugsi • Jun 13th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 4 Comments

In Punjab province, the scandals against the PML(N) members of the provincial and national assembly are raining like cats and dogs. It’s a small wonder that all of a sudden, there is a cat walk of scandals against MPAs and MNAs and Punjab government is also taking an action, which is again a wonder in a country like ours.

First it was Haji Pervez Khan, a member of national assembly from Rawalpindi who was found guilty of cheating in an examination. He arranged his nephew to replace him as a candidate in the examination and was caught, and an investigation committee formed by PML(N) took his resignation.

Then it was Chaudhary Abdul Ghafoor, the minister of the Jail affairs in Punjab. Interestingly enough, multiple reports were lodged against him by the police itself. Not that is not a reason to lynch the poor guy as we all know how angelic and noble our police is. Chaudhary Abdul Ghafoor also did something naughty at the airport where he tried to impress upon on angelic custom officers and violated the rules. The charges against him are not that much serious, but he is also facing an inquiry from a very disciplined chief minister.

Then comes a serious case of Munawar Gul, where a woman has complained that the Munawar Gul, who is an advisor to CM has raped her. Now that story is also very fishy, as there are many gaping questions mark over the story of the woman. Munwar Gul has sworn that the allegations are false. But as was expected of Shahbaz Sharif, he is also facing an inquiry.

These three cases are aside, the most refreshing thing is the reaction of PML(N). They have shown and prove their mettle and this is going to set a good example. Ethical and moral accountability and the culture of resignation upon allegations is going to strengthen the democracy.

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  1. Our Houses are full of such dirty fishes but the real problem is make procedures for their accountability of their wrong doings.Sharif has set good examples of accountability of his men on public voices .He is now placed on the list of pioneer politicians of Pakistan doing all in this dark political era.lets hope that he will stand firm on his bold actions and others parties should also try to adopt same acts of responsibilities to their public figures.

  2. Musharraf era was much better than this. You gotta admit this.

  3. Nazia so true atleast we r moving towards something better

  4. Musharraf was much better?
    …salesman of Pak nationals…
    bloody coward
    U ppl really deserve to stay outside of pakistan

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