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Mukhtaran Mai Wedding Pictures

By Sharafat • Mar 21st, 2009 • Category: Entertainment • 31 Comments

Dear Visitors, we are very soon going to present the wedding photos of Mukhtaran Mai with Nasir Abbas. It is to be remembered that both have been married before. Nasir Abbas is a police constable and already has got one wife who attended the wedding ceremonies as the friend of Mukhtaran Mai and also helped her in getting prepared as bride.

The marriage held in the Mirwala town of Muzzaffargarh, a remote region and underdeveloped area in the Southern Punjab. Below are the Wedding Pictures of Mukhtaran Mai:


More Pictures Coming In Few Hours…………………Stay Tuned.

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31 Responses »

  1. wow what a pic.

  2. WHERE R THE PICS?……………………I’m waiting for that

  3. nice, pic, but yet i think it is a little akward for the first wife to be at the wedding !!!

  4. On March 15, 2009, Mai married Nasir Abbas Gabol, a police constable from the area near Multan, in Muzaffargarh district, Punjab province. Gabol had previously proposed marriage, but was refused by Mai because he was already married and Mai “didn’t want to ruin his first wife’s life.” Gabol later threatened his first wife, Rukhsana, with divorce and, according to Mai, attempted suicide after the refusal. Gabol’s two sisters, also married into Rukhsana’s family as part of a bridal exchange (known as Watta satta), were threatened with divorce by their own husbands should Gabol proceed with plans to divorce his wife. Thus, Mai finally agreed to marry Gabol as his second wife “on humanitarian grounds,” not wanting three families to break up because of her refusal of marriage

    Source: Wikipedia

  5. nice she looks quite confident..
    see what money and exposure does to you..

  6. Erum
    It is not awkward but completely abnormal photo. She took a wrong decision of selecting a husband and father as his life partner.She thinks that she can manage her married life with such characters who only made this for her bank balance and property.In her weak moment she had taken wrong decision.I wish Allah would protect her married life but ground realities lead towards opposite side.

  7. I remember in India, a judge proposed to the raped girl marriage to the rapist so that both can escape punishment, girl from bad name in society and man for rape!
    It was realy courageous of the girl not to accept that proposal but also wanted the rapist to be punished.This also exposed the MCP attitude of our judges.
    I wish Mai a happy married life and hope the media leave them alone.

  8. first of all i would like to congratulate to MAI. i think she had done v well that she has choosen her shelter. cause every women in the world needs for a shelter at any stage of life. she has act upon the advice of islam. because islam is a very optamist religon therefore islam has given rights to men or women that they can choose life partner on the basis of their own wish. i hope that mai will work more better for the rights of other women also after completion of her life. she is v brave lady. may Allah make her new life so good n prosperious.

  9. I agree with Nazia. It is a complete abnormal photo. She has done a mistake. She is forced into this marriage. and from now on she will be officially raped.
    The constable looks quite ugly compared to beautiful mukhtaran. Feeling bad for the first wife and his children from the first marriage.

  10. Ayesha
    her marriage is again showing us one of brutal side of our society that no unmarried and educated man was available to marry this daring woman and she had to opt for a married and child bearing man for his life partner..His husband’s first wife only comprised on 2nd marriage of his husband after settling monetary matters in her favour but how she sit with her husband with an unusual gesture clear shows that she is not in mood of giving up her authoritative hold on that man.I have lot of sympathies with mai and still pray for good married life for her.
    Some of men of our society are very happy and encouraged after seeing such photo and they want to take it as role model.See how first wives counter this situation.

  11. i m so happy for that u married wed this brave man and wish for your bright future.

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  13. Shawa shera hamla tera !!!! aik ticket main duo duo mazaay !!! lutt program …

    all the ladies on the forum …. ” ma’azarat kay saath ” … can’t help it … we men are like that … we want MORE !!!!

  14. i luv ma mom mukhtara kanjari

  15. It seems Musharraf was right about her…altough he was heavily criticised by the media and public at large at that time. FYI, from all press reports, interviews, mukhratan mai and the constable in question fell in love while he was guarding her residence after the rape. Mukhtaran Mai after getting unheard of riches, has turned into an egotistical manipulative mai :)
    From all accounts, her conditions of marriage are as follows:
    1. the constable will quit his house and family and move in with the mai.
    2. she says she has no need of the constables financial support (which she ofcourse does’nt) and has “allowed” him to send his monthly paycheck directly to his first wife and family.
    Thus she has ensured that the poor chap is always under her thumb, so to speak.
    Mukhtaran Mai has certainly come a long way after being raped :) she’s one of the fortunate or lucky ones…girls / women get raped / violated everyday and no one gives a damn….this one was smart enough to “cash it in”…appologies for the boorishness ladies :)

  16. Your are talking about and just Mai’s marital life. Unfortunately in our siociety numberous such cases
    are prevailing but nobody or no media is bother to throw light thereon. I stress upon to please leave
    the topic of Mai and try to float such constructive works for spreading over peace and prosperity of
    our Country which is need of the hours. Stop wasting energy of Nations.

    Muhammad Arif
    UAE (Ajman)

  17. Mubarak Ho .

  18. ab to dono ka jhagra howa ha. koi samjhay k sulha kar lain.nai to phir aik or jirga bethay ga or anjam to pata hi ha apko in jirgon ka 0345-5897797

  19. send her to swat.

  20. i m loking beautiful girl 4 marraige under age 18

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