MQM, Taliban; Please Annihilate Each Other

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Rabta Committee in 90, and all the bhatta mafia and other mafia minions of MQM across Karachi would be cursing under their breath as they tremble after Taliban announced a war against MQM after MQM’s head honcho in London announced a referendum in Pakistan.

In this referendum of MQM, people would be asked in the referendum whether they wanted a Pakistan of Quaid or of Taliban. And you know who is the Quaid here, the one and only Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain. Pakistanis can say with their eyes closed that they would prefer Almas Bobby or Pervaiz Kayani or even Zardari over MQM or Taliban.

Ray of hope emerged for the Karachiites and FATAiites, when terrorists from the North threatened terrorists from the South. Nov 8, Thursday and onward might be a start of glorious period where both terrorists start eliminating and attacking each other and the public can breath and Pakistan could come back to sanity.

Altaf Hussain should come back from London and prepare a Lashkar and start advancing towards North Waziristan. Mullah Omer and his creeps already have lashkar, and they should simply leave their caves and meet the MQM lashkar somwhere in Kacha area of Sindh, and then they both should fight until last man. Then it should be a live hand to hand fight between Mullah Omer and Altaf Hussain.

World should remain on standby and if both parties fail to wipe out each other, they should help them with drones, cluster bombs or whatever is available.

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