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MQM, Taliban; Please Annihilate Each Other

By Salman Mugsi • Nov 6th, 2012 • Category: Politics • 8 Comments

Rabta Committee in 90, and all the bhatta mafia and other mafia minions of MQM across Karachi would be cursing under their breath as they tremble after Taliban announced a war against MQM after MQM’s head honcho in London announced a referendum in Pakistan.

In this referendum of MQM, people would be asked in the referendum whether they wanted a Pakistan of Quaid or of Taliban. And you know who is the Quaid here, the one and only Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain. Pakistanis can say with their eyes closed that they would prefer Almas Bobby or Pervaiz Kayani or even Zardari over MQM or Taliban.

Ray of hope emerged for the Karachiites and FATAiites, when terrorists from the North threatened terrorists from the South. Nov 8, Thursday and onward might be a start of glorious period where both terrorists start eliminating and attacking each other and the public can breath and Pakistan could come back to sanity.

Altaf Hussain should come back from London and prepare a Lashkar and start advancing towards North Waziristan. Mullah Omer and his creeps already have lashkar, and they should simply leave their caves and meet the MQM lashkar somwhere in Kacha area of Sindh, and then they both should fight until last man. Then it should be a live hand to hand fight between Mullah Omer and Altaf Hussain.

World should remain on standby and if both parties fail to wipe out each other, they should help them with drones, cluster bombs or whatever is available.

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  1. Hilarious!!!

  2. OPEN CHALLENGE ——— it is supposed if guaranteed in today’s date — “Free & Fair - Referendum or Election is taken placed — mark & register my words - TALIBAN will out-rightly & point blankly will be winner - I also meet with people - during discussion with common-man I sum up my argument - with common-men who is entirely fed up with these bunch of current Status Quo entirely corrupt holders even if any honest Pak Army Gen. delivers his speech or keeps his words like yesterday *KIYANI & Co.- Choto Lorro delivered the same who woke up in recent past but with regrets he had no vision earlier - when he was preparing NRO with Gen. Shuja Pasha along with Americans & Brits & brought this entirely corrupt mafia from head to toe Asif Zardari Asfand Yar Walli so called Molana Fazal ur Rehman & Altaf Hussain YES - & - their blind followers - bunch of cronies - MAFIA — plus peculiar mindset of English Speaking Bureaucratic Office holders whom U recognize UNTOUCHABLE.

    *KIYANI & Co. = Kindly also guide me if I’m wrong where-at this is mentioned in Constitution ‘ 73 that U meet/visit with Americans or Brits without prior approval of Parliament or MINUTES of the same meeting not reachable as a Pakistani do not have the right to know - what did U set a site with Americans or Brits?

    If U can judge the mindset in the following manner according to Ur own IQ level:

    A Common man of Pakistan like daily wagers shopkeeper bankers doctors - kindly judge to them within their two to three sentences — in tentative manner - what is their inner voice?

    If Ur conversation is taken placed with Grade Twenty & above in tentative manner five to seven sentences - U can judge yourself easily - what is true bona fide their demand they all do have hidden wish - just speedy trial — JUSTICE — which is not available due to American & Brits influence.

    But alas I do not know our policy makers / think tankers / H.o. Intellectual Co. are the residents permanently of Pakistan or somewhere else?


    Sub Mazlom Pakistani – Eik Naiy/Fresh —“CHOTIA KHATAY”— Kay Lee-ay Taiyar Rahien! — I don’t know when our ruling elite specially English Speaking Ruling Elite — will able to decide & resolve own burning issues amicably at own end why the rulers of Turkey & KSA do take part in our internal politics upon secret directives of the US & UK?
    Clearly five fingers print on the faces of Pak Army Gens. so called Core Committee. If Asif Zardari & Rehman Malik have sold their respective souls — Have the Generals of Core Committee also sold the same?

    Kiyani & Co. U secretly or even openly met with those people who are ready to KILL your own MUSLIM - Bro.Sisters innocent Children & elders.امریکی-فوجیوں-کے-ہاتھوں-2-افغان-بچوں-کے-قتل-a
    American Soldiers who brutally & mercilessly killed MUSLIM innocent children.

  3. Kiyani U & ur Core Committee - may be U realized now - the TRUTH & of course the CRUEL face of the American Adm’n/NATO countries. But My Query is still pending at Ur office pls. Kindly ans. me.

    If Asif Zardari is entirely corrupt & proofed he has been standing with American Adm’n. since 2008 — I repeat my question to U — why Pervez Musharraf was allowed to fly London - why do U Foji Demagh always ready to provide face saving exit to corrupt Generals of Ur own well reputed Army.

    Obvious reason U are under influence of the total unnecessary Adm’n of American/Brits & NATO countries.

    If I’m wrong - depute Ur Legal Adviser here-at this forum - because U will be busy to settle other pending matters with American & Brits. Aakh Thou.

  4. Hi Mugsi! so you are back. Good, when did they let you out from that mental institution that you were committed into since 2010, or was it 2009. Seems they couldn’t fix you good and you might need checking in again. Listen go back buddy before your hallucination gets you to slit your own throat and we don’t even feel sorry for your crazy act.

  5. Uza, may I know the reason of such outburst? And have u joined MQM or Taliban as you are now clearly against free speech.

  6. No, I’m not against ‘free speech’ of anyone, especially poor people like yourself. As a matter of fact I support people like you who try so hard to think and still are not able to put few simple sentences together. I just asked about your welfare and felt concerned due to your talks about “war” & “eliminating” and “attacking” and “cursing” and “tremble” and “Taliban” and ” fight” “fight” and “wipe out” and “drones” and “cluster bombs” and Annihilate—-Mugsi Sahib, you are clearly hallucinating and need some sedatives, really. You are suffering and one fears of your welfare and you must be saved from your phobia.

  7. LOL, then kindly tell me the way through which we can get rid of terrorists in our North and South. You sound way too like Imran Khan here. LOL

  8. This article can build venturous aspect among the people, well i think this article is written to have hazardous comments by the community of different people.

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