More Mobiles Exist Than Humans on Earth in 2012, a Report Reveals

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Already there are more gadgets than there are humans in the world. It is a general belief that gadget companies always end up manufacturing more products than they could sell in that year and more than they would be needed. This has now become a fact in case of mobile devices as according to network firm Cisco, there will be more mobile devices this year, than there is human population in this world.

The report of the latest analysis of global mobile data traffic has suggested this and by 2016, the prediction is there will be 10 billion mobile connected devices around the world. Another interesting statistic to get one’s head around it is that there will be 130 exabytes of data each year by 2016, which is equivalent to 33 billion DVDs. Last year it has been reported that mobile data traffic was eight times more than the global internet traffic in 2000. This means that mobile data traffic took only a decade to reach up to the global internet traffic. With the mobile devices predicted to outnumber humans this year, it might well surpass global internet traffic within a few years.

But this might not be such good news for mobile operators as it is perhaps for mobile manufacturers and mobile advertisers. Since, they would have to deal with a lot of data consumption which means complications in complying with demands. According to the report on average a smartphone uses 150 megabytes of data per month as of now, but this too will increase to 2.6 gigabytes by 2016. Hence, both the mobile devices and mobile data traffic have higher projections for the year 2012 onwards.

The report also says that around 60% of the mobile users, which means around three billion people internationally, will be part of the Gigabyte Club, which means they will be sending out a lot of data traffic each month by 2016. With the increase in tablet devices and smartphones, data consumption has become higher than ever before. In the early part of the decade of 2000s, this was not the case.

Hence within the last five years, there has been a tremendous hike in data traffic, thanks to mobile devices. With better quality of speed and quality of the internet on mobile devices, this is becoming fast the case. There is a lot of contribution of the video streaming too, where tablet devices have generated three times more traffic than smartphones. By 2016, 10% of the global mobile traffic will be due to tablets.

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