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mobile phones karachi : used and new : prices, pictures

By • Aug 2nd, 2009 • Category: Technology • 138 Comments

Nokia Mobile Phones in Karachi are in extreme popular demand. Especially the market for the used nokia phone is very high and given the rising street crime in Karachi in which mobile snatching is very rampant and common and there is no stoppage in that, the market for the selling and buying of the mobile phones in Karachi is booming.

At various places in Karachi, you got to find small pickets of black market for the mobile phone, from where you could sell or buy mobile phones with a question and you may als get unmarked and unnamed SIM cards. You get to buy any brand of mobile at cheaper rates, and you very well know that its a stolen piece.

City government of Karachi has never cracked down on such market. People see pictures and prices of these cell phones and then come rushing to these market to have one. Ironically, those who become the victim of the mobile phone snatching come to these thieve markets to get a new one.

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