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Mobile Phone & Its Effects To Younger Generation

By Sehar Sajjad • May 27th, 2012 • Category: Technology • 3 Comments

Mobile phone is a device that is used to make and receive calls. The whole world is accepting and adopting the ways towards the advancement of technology. The youth is playing a vital role in this rapidly evolving dynamics of the connected world. Mobile has a common purpose of connectivity. There is a great consequence of telecommunication on the economy and the society as new ways of increasing, changing and inventing technological know how according to the environment. Different mobile phones have a number of features in common like battery, SIM cards, MMS, SMS etc. but competition exists among the companies to attract more and more customers. The social network is on a rise inevitably due to mobiles.

Mobile phones are thought to be indispensable for the survival in the environment where there is environmental instability, especially in case of Pakistan. Mobile phone happens to be a very handy invention of this era because it keeps people connected even if distances exist among them. Currently, mobile phones are equipped with several unique features which include almost everything like features of SMS, audio calls, video calls, images, emails MMs etc. The most commonly used app the mobile phones feature is SMS (short message service) text messaging. This is also the reason that why the young generation is attracted towards excessive mobile phones usage.
Now The Question Arises How It Affects The Youth?

Simple, the answer is the excessive use of mobile phones reflects badly on the youth. They waste their time in useless conversations via chatting on cell phones. Mobile phones have changed the culture of networking in the present era. Mobile phone has left impact on almost every field of life but its impact on the students is very deep and multidimensional. It has made the people closer and closer day by day. Due to this it affects the performance of students related to their studies, lowering their grades and productivity. Despite this many students use cell phones for worthwhile causes, such as; students use mobiles so that they can contact their teachers as well as class mates to discuss the issues regarding their academics. They also utilize the mobile phone to share the useful information with their class fellows or to consult dictionary or calculators. It is also helps students by allowing them to use internet on mobiles to get timely information. When the students are stressed out with their studies they can relax by using the music app on cell phones. It can also be used to make the moments memorable by capturing it through the additional feature of cameras.
The affects of mobile phone usage are good as well as bad. Usage of mobile phone leads to the wastage of time and money of students.

Beside all this, the major drawbacks of using mobile phones are:

It is a cause of disturbance while studying or taking a lecture.
It may cause increase in decline of moral values.
It increasingly becoming immoral equipment used to forward unethical texts or annoy other people through excessive unsolicited messages and calls among the young generation. Long conversations on mobile phone lead them towards portraying an attitude which is not according to our religious and social acceptability. Their attitude affects their studies greatly. Sometimes they become the victim of emotional, physical and psychological problems.

Loss and misplacement of mobile phone is very common. Due to this tension students change their focus for the some time.

At the end as a whole mobile has disadvantages but it is a very good technology if put to you in a correct manner. It depends upon the use that whether we make it good or bad for us.


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  1. this discussion is a waste of phones are just a necessity now a days.I’m more fond of smartphones.I dont want a mobile phone just to call and recieve calls,send sms,to use the internet,to listen to music etc.I rather have a different view of the usage of mobile phone.I like smartphones that support most of the apps,softwares,games and other stuff.I have a Nokia N900,search that and see how it is.It even has an offline version of the whole wikipedia in it! Now thats something special isn’t it?! If someone has a question,just type and the nokia n900 gives you the answer.THIS knowledge is the main point of having mobile phones for me.

  2. teenager got addiction from them. All night packages, sms packages and that entire staff are making the student life a hell.

  3. Let’s think positive for the education of youth, and make changes for the better.

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