Mobile Numbers of Girls in Pakistan: Why Hide Neck in the Sand ?

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Since the time, I have posted about the mobile numbers mania in the Pakistani youth, I haveĀ  been getting sorts of emails, comments regarding the post. Though majority of the emails and the comments lauded the expose, but there are quite few who want to remain oblivious to the menace, which is eating out society out.

Just see the comment on such posts of mine and you would find that almost ninety percent of them are from the girls or boys announcing their phone numbers and emails and they are just simply mad, thirsty, and yearning about the friendship. The “fraandship” requests on such posts which are denouncing such things at first place is clear indication that people are not even reading what I am saying, and they are just after some male or female contact.

I am also amazed at some of the criticism about the TPS admins. I would like to let the people know that it is my demand and my will to do such expose of the social ills and to allow such comments just to show the degradation in our society. If we won’t identify and discuss the evil, then how could we cure it?

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