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For the last two weeks, I was harassed, annoyed, cajoled and threatened by some anonymous and obnoxious calls by some five or six persons on my cell number. Initially when one or two guys called me, I took it as routine missed calls in which people tried to exploit the fluke. But then it became a norm, and I was really listened to some horrible music.

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It’s hard to believe but every day in the last two week, I received some 30 or 40 wrong calls on average from different unique numbers on my mobile phone. The experience was horrible. Every one was polite initially. Their objective was same and that was to strike a lasting friendship with the girl on the other side of the mobile. The frightening thing was that though they didn’t know my name and whereabouts (though some pretended that they knew), but they were roughly aware of my visage.The method of every person was more or less same, though some tried to innovate it. Average callers called me, apologized to me for disturbing me, then asked for my permission to say ‘something’, and then they introduced themselves, and then told me that how lonely they were, and how badly they wanted a sincere friend like me. Initially I didn’t talk to them, and I used to cut off the connection, as soon as I realized its yet another wrong call.

But when it went out of hand, then I tried to reason with the callers. They took it as a cue for further advances. They poured sagas of love and humanity and friendship in my ear, and they quoted the verses of Ghalib and Zauq. They sent me the sms full of love and romance quotes, and they sent me flowers, and roses and hearts in sms. I was thoroughly insulted through mobile mania. Then I let loose my anger, and whoever called me received my severe abuse and rebuttal. I thought that it would shut their mouths tight, and they would look elsewhere.

I didn’t know how wrong I was. Curse unleashed right after that. People started sending me salacious text messages and they sent me nude pictures. I disabled the mms service, but I couldn’t figure out, how to block sms. I, then pleaded with Mobilink support, and they promised to look into the matter. I gave them numbers, but in vain. My suffering continued.

Then I went to the local Mobilink office and went straight to their regional manager. I put forward the lewd text messages displayed on my mobiles in front of him, and then described the whole situation. Perhaps that was the way to do it, actually, as he at once ordered his staff to block all the numbers and trace their owners. He promised me that all the numbers would be blocked in half an hour. I thanked him and came back. But the calls didn’t stop to my utmost agony.

I selected one caller, and pretended a friendship with him. I talked with him a little, and even called him once or twice, and he was ecstatic. After some calls and chats, I casually asked him as from where exactly he has got my number. He tried to circumvent the answer, but at last told me that actually he purchased my number from an Easy Load Center of Jazz for Rs. 50. Yes, I went there to re-charge my balance, I recalled in my mind. Upon my shocking voices, he said that it was fast becoming a lucrative business as not only the Easy Load owner sells the numbers, they also sell the visage and figure feature of ladies for extra charges. I knew right there, that the only option I had was to get a new number. That’s what I did.

Easy Load is now an Unbearable Load for Me.

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