Miracle of Tahir ul Qadri for Pakistan

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Is this less than a miracle that both MQM and PML-Q, even being part of the government, are taking part in the long march against this evil system under the leadership of Allama Dr. Professor Tahir ul Qadri? The real miracle will be shown on 14th January and beyond, when Pakistani nation will see to the reality that this time no one will deceive them and they will get their due destiny, a great good luck.

This upcoming long march won’t be like sham long March of Benazir or Nawaz Sharif. Both did for their vested interests. Benazir greedy for the government, and Nawaz Sharif likewise. Nawaz then did it again for the so-called restoration of judiciary but then got the assurance about his Punjab government and returned from the Gujranwala and army chief did the task of restoring the good judges.

But this time Dr. Tahir ul Qadri won’t return until he makes the real change for the people of this country. Allama Tahir doesn’t have any election ambitions or any desire for the rule, and neither he is hungry for the power or wealth. He has come back to snatch the right of people and that is what he is going to do, and this is the miracle we are going to see very very soon.

So my friends, lets join hands and be part of this miracle. Let’s go to Islamabad, when 14th January comes.

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