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Military Broke backbone of militants: COAS , O Really?

By Ali Yar Khan • Apr 24th, 2011 • Category: Politics • 9 Comments

I have a huge respect for our military and paramilitary forces. I have so much love for the defense for our country and I fully believe in our powerful army, but my notion and belief is that it should be restricted to the borders and do the duty right. Anyways, the thing is that I also don’t believe in the statements issued by the top generals.

Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani Saturday said that military has broken the backbone of the -militants, adding that former are working to make Pakistan stronger and prosperous.

I don’t believe him. Yes I say it loud and clear that it’s not the job of military to make Pakistan prosperous or strong. Their job is to make its defense solid proof from internal and external forces. Is that really true that the military has broken the back of the terrorists? or sorry the militants?

Then why I have to go through zillion of block roads, scanners, check posts, snap searches and dog sniffing when I go to my office or to market? Why there is persistent fear in the air? Why everybody is feeling terror, uncertainty and unsafe?

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  1. Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani Saturday said that military has broken the backbone of the -militants, adding that former are working to make Pakistan stronger and prosperous.

    People of Pakistan, suffering due to this hide and seek game of militarims is now trying to say to COAS that military has actually broken the backbone of the pakistanis making it most weaker nation and country of the world
    After seeing such statements from fuaji damagh I have no doubts left in my mind that typical monkey heads are picked in our top seats specially for leading army , whose life only revolves jumping form one tree to another, stealing bananas of other weak monkeys and considering them lion of jungle by sitting on top of tree.
    Mr kiyani is living in army house where hardly any one see the curses of load shedding or anger of general public who are facing the worst kind of living as our army men are busy in breaking the back bone of militants.
    Let say he is telling truth then why he uses 50 security car conveys daily for going and coming to office and halt traffic of his route as long he reaches safe at home or GHQ.
    Lets say he is right then why drone attacks are still haunting our people?
    let say he is thinking positively then why daily basis attacks are made on people of KPK and our security people.?
    Lets say he is very correct in his saying then why still 45000 army men are deputed in different areas of Wana. and waziristan areas and on what basis he accepted his three year unjustified and unprofessional extension.

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  3. Kayani has broken the back of those pakistanis who want to stand up to taliban. now it is taliban taliban everywhere. good luck pakistan taliban

  4. Nazia,

    you talk alot but, as with all the people on this blog, dont do anything. complaints, complaints, theories, theories but all for what.

    bottom line is PAK elected a crook and now you are paying price for it. what else do you expect.

    pak is effectively a failed state, borrowing from gas, no elec, no clean water, no security. no law (evident from m.mai).poor education levels.cia running amok with heads of states turning blind eye and we still sit in our houses drinking lipton tea watching the arab spring flourish.your opposition is true man.who has some morals+education.u call him arrogant.

    we are in a mess and i see no way out

  5. And Islamic Militants who are Declared Adnan Mansoori’s MUSLIM Brothers - Broke the Slave Cum Mortgaged Heads of Pak Army Generals — which are lying at American Treasury Houses - as per these following News. —

    *Aasab = Nerves
    *PESRE = Pakistan English Speaking Ruling Elite - who has Mortgaged & Hypothecated all Priceless ASSETS of Pakistan at American Treasury Houses.

    Hay -Yeh- Zabardast - *Aasab -Ki- Jung-
    *PESRE - America -Kay- Hathoun - Tung-

  6. Ghazala Khan/Admin - Almost mine own every 2nd Comment is NOT being accepted. Especially those which are Pertained to American Presence at Pakistan & Pak Army Bombardment at own Homeland People.

  7. Another unbearable Joke of Pak Army — likewise in 1971 War with India.

  8. But My feelings Indicate Strongly - that day is not FAR away — as & when — Pakistan Army Soldiers would TAKE Step in the following manner as attached is Alarming — because Extension of Both Gen. Kiyani & Gen. Shuja Pasha have been Enjoying — & — at other End Poor Soldiers have been FIGHTING with own Muslim Brothers —

    *“Tosih” = Extension in Service

    *AM-DM: Ahmad Mukhtar – Defense Minister

    *G:SP = General: Shuja Pasha— ISI Chief = who is big supporter of American Droned Attacks in every Closed Door Meetings – but appear & pretend always as if he is NUETRAL & Helpless before PM- Yousaf Raza Gillani as if only PM in favor of American Droned Attacks.

    This following is Confirm & Authentic Report – from Army Head Quarter:

    *C-G A –Kay- Aur- A = Chund - Generals America –Kay- Aur- Aksariat = In private Meetings now – off the record — Majority Sunni Fiqah – Army & ISI Generals — Openly Abuse to this American Slavery which was shown in Raymond Davis Case by ISI Chief — Shuja Pasha & above all Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani.

    Ruling Elite - Eik Dosray –Ko- “Tosih” - Daiy Rahay- Hein-
    Army-o-ISI Mein – Baghawat –Kay- Asar Paida Horahay - Hein-
    *C-G A –Kay-Aur A–Taliban-o-Alqaida–Kay-Gon-Ga-Rahay–Hein-
    *Awami Masiel –Per- Aankh -Mar Ker- Khamosh –Ker- Rahay - Hein-
    *AM-DM:— *G:SP -Ko- Mulazmat - Mein -*“Tosih”- Daiy — Rahay —Hein-
    Fauj Siasat Dan Kay – Aur – Siasat Dan – Fauj -Kay Kam- Aa-Rahay Hein-
    Awam Khawar –Aur- American Iss Surat-e-Hal –Say –Faida Otha Rahay Hein-

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