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Military Broke backbone of militants: COAS , O Really?

By Ali Yar Khan • Apr 24th, 2011 • Category: Politics • 9 Comments

I have a huge respect for our military and paramilitary forces. I have so much love for the defense for our country and I fully believe in our powerful army, but my notion and belief is that it should be restricted to the borders and do the duty right. Anyways, the thing is that I also don’t believe in the statements issued by the top generals.

Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani Saturday said that military has broken the backbone of the -militants, adding that former are working to make Pakistan stronger and prosperous.

I don’t believe him. Yes I say it loud and clear that it’s not the job of military to make Pakistan prosperous or strong. Their job is to make its defense solid proof from internal and external forces. Is that really true that the military has broken the back of the terrorists? or sorry the militants?

Then why I have to go through zillion of block roads, scanners, check posts, snap searches and dog sniffing when I go to my office or to market? Why there is persistent fear in the air? Why everybody is feeling terror, uncertainty and unsafe?

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