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Meera Once Again in News : Now Role is Defaulter and Forger

By • Jan 13th, 2010 • Category: Entertainment • No Responses

Given her past record, it seems that the once again the notorius actress of Lollywood has found herself another avenue to get some media limelight.

First she was arrested at the airport with two passports and then then exice department said that she hasn’t paid her property taxes and her home would be confiscated in case of default.

That’s an ideal chance for the Meera to get someĀ  more fame and even live coverage from the media vultures. She shouldn’t pay the tax or make any of her fan pay it, rather she should let the government confiscate the home and then she should come on to the footpath and start living there. Well then she should spend her life on the footpath doing all the chores there.

Guess what woud happen? Wow, 24 hour live coverage of Meera by every channel in the town. :)

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