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Medicine Prices

By The Pakistani Spectator • Jun 13th, 2007 • Category: Uncategorized • 4 Comments

In last twelve months we have witnessed food inflation above 10%. The price hike in medicines was abnormally increased by the importer & manufacturers. I take an example of medicine used instant relief for the patients of Asthma.

Due to global warming the pollination process in plants starts very early before time and the span of pollination is increased resulting in increase in pollen count in atmosphere. Also permanent patients of Asthma also need such medicines like Ventolin Inhaler which is marketed in Pakistan by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). This inhaler was available at the retail price of Rs 85 last month. Now GSK has increased the price of the same to Rs 200. The core medicine “Salbutamol” and the quantity is the same as was before. But We can see in the picture two trade-marks ‘Aerolin’ & ‘Evohaler’ and a banner ‘CFC Free Inhaler.

It is not understandable by just purchasing trade-marks a company has to increase the price more than 135%.

I therefore, raise strong protest and demand that GSK should reduce the price of medicines very near to its previous level.

Also government should device a system that companies especially making or importing medicines should be bound to take permission for any change in price.

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  1. It yet another mafia in Pakistan. I have raided many so-called pharmas in my tenure, and you cant beleive what I found there.

  2. The even double the prices of their fake,useless medicine.

  3. You cant eat and you cant get treated. What a society.

  4. Everyone is talking about prices but why are you foolish enough to buy brands which are expensive. It is you yourself who are to be blamed. Start buying the generics or the branded generics. It would be the market that would bring the prices down and not the comments in the blog. So all of us should definitely make sure that we start refusing to buy these expensive multinational brands and start shifting to generic alternatives.

    Dr. Mohammad Shahmir Khan

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