Massage Centers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad

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I am ill at ease as why the very  mention of the massage parlours in Pakistan evoke strange and suspicious responses, and massage clubs in Pakistan are like br@thels to say the least. I have been to many countries in the world and have relaxed in such centers, and have experienced that how relaxing, serene, and tranquil the experience is.

It’s your choice to have massage by a lady or by a gent. I always went to Chinese massage girls, as they were very adept at their work and know how to make you feel comfy. Getting massage is not about getting something promiscuous. It’s all about body therapy. It’s a culture in many countries in Asia. Having a massage, followed by hot bath, having a herbal tea and then a siesta; What an enjoyment and a lifetime experience.

People in Pakistan, many of them also want to have this integrated bodywork treatment, but they are unable to find some suitable and decent places. There are some shady massage clubs in Pakistan, but they are no more than red clubs, actually offering prstites. There are some health clinic in Karachi but they are way too expensive and exclusive and also their quality is just showy.

It’s a pity that we cannot do good things in good way.

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