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Maria Sultan : Before and Now : Pictures

By Gul Raiz • May 7th, 2009 • Category: Entertainment • 28 Comments

If you are an avid watcher of the Pakistani T.V talk shows, then you must be aware of Maria Sultan, the director of SASSI now, as she is adorning the talk shows of ARYONE DIGITAL and the GEO NEWS. Her striking personality is simply very attractive and though she has been appearing in the talk shows for quite a time now but as she has changed her getup and obviously has spent horrendous amount of moneyj on her overhaul and makeup, she is looking a real stunning dame and one fogets about the issues in discussiona and keep staring on the madam (hell, she looks like a teenager.)

Before the Beauty Revolution:


After the Beauty Revolution:



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28 Responses »

  1. I have seen her on Geo Last night and were really impressed with her eyes…

  2. Poor lady trapped in bills and coo .

  3. last night i have heard yu for carry logar bill can u make a call to me 0300-3383484 ( if possible )

  4. Assalamualaikum!
    well…I am impressed how talented she is.
    I was searching through and found that she had written a special report in september,2000. It is all true that what she written in 2000 is happening now.
    However, we should be firm and together on the security of Pakistan but unfortunately, we are still playing in the hands of some culprits.

    Well…..hats off for maria sultan. i would love to read her articles if she write in any newspaper or magazine? kindly let me know if you know.

  5. Maria’s vision and talent have left me with few words. Her analysis and grip over the subject
    are awe inspiring. I find in her a great source of inspiration for me.

  6. Yesterday i have listen her program in DUNIA TV i need her column which she was written about CARRY LUGAR BILL can u tell me the newspaper and the date plz.

  7. ya really fuc*kable babe

  8. A very impressive and beautiful lady with gifted talent of analysing current isues.

  9. ASA

    I was astionshed to see you when you explain the clauses of the GLB and badly affected our economy/government etc and we become slave of American Government

  10. Dr is doing a marvelous job . all hats OFF to her. love Pakistan

  11. agreed with baba :) #11

  12. AOA, well I have not listened her yet but have listened her aptitude. Aside her personal matters, we should encourage her work. If there are articles of her on political/economic situations, we must read.
    Saeed Ahmed.

  13. salam bohat pyari lugti hu aap…realy..i like u…

  14. I really impressed by your talent. i saw you in news paper today receiving award for conference. really you are very talented lady.

  15. Salam to Dr.Maria. I have met her once,shook hand and listened to her visionary speech on Pakistan’s nuclear issue.She is a patriot,indeed very very sincere to Pakistan.I respect her and wish her best of health and prosperity in life.

  16. salam to every one.
    Dr. Maria is impressive and respectful lady with God gifted talent, she is one of the precious jewel of Southern Punjab. we proud of u Maria…………
    Jodat Gorchani.

  17. I Amin ullah from Quetta participated in event which is held at Islamabad Hotel organized by
    Dehqn assembly Dr ,Shaid president of Dehqan Assembly and Dr, Ihtisham kakar president of Baluchistan Dehqan assembly) lunching ceremony of Mr, javeed ali Bahti latest publication
    (jes des me ganga Behte he )

    I lesson a speech of great personality which deliver a short lecture she was Maria Sultan in my personally opinion she is a true and professional analyst and I appreciate its efforts for Pakistan.

    She is very superior and reliable I personally proud him and she is my preferred Pakistani.

  18. I bet she has a hairy coochi, how any would like to hump her???

  19. salaam.everyone all i can say is maria best in her field she is tops

  20. i saw her in a confernce in my uni she look so beautifull i spend whole time watching her……i really want to see you again……………..

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