Mangal Bagh Fights in Khyber Agency

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Mangal Bagh leads the Lashkar-e-Islam in Khyber Agency and enjoys power especially in Tehsil Jamrud. The recent tension between Laskhar-e-Islam and two tribes of that area Kokikhel Malagori and Nekikhel is flaring up. The Kokikhel tribesmen have stopped the traffic at Wazirdand and Nekikhel tribesmen at Walikhel on Pak-Afghan Highway.

Mangal Bagh has established Shariah law at his own and trying to rule the area. He has been publicly punishing people for the crimes, and according to a video clip his men shoot a kidnapper in front of tribes man last year. Mangal Bagh has made it customary to wear “topi” (hat) in his area, and he fines Rs. 100 who doesn’t wear the topi.

The recent conflict arose due to the F.M radio established by the opposing factions. The F.M radio channels were in operation for quite a time and were being used by both factions to ooze venom against each other.

In the recent restive situation, 25 people have died so far and many are injured and now Frontier Constabulary has moved in to restore the law and order.

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