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Malik Taimoor Masood Akbar of Wah Taxila; Beware Voters

By Zeenat Rehman • Jan 26th, 2013 • Category: Worth A Second Look • No Responses

The constituency of Wah Cantt and Taxila is one of the all-important area of Rawalpindi electorate. Normally this area is won by the current opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, though on provincial seat, Ghulam Server Khan is formidable candidate from PTI, who was earlier in PML-Q, and before than in PPP.

Now this time Malik Tamoor Masood Akbar, a spoiled kid of sweet maker Palace Bakery Lalarukh Wah Cantt has been prepared as the side kick of Ghulam Server Khan and has been presented as leader of the Wah Cantt people.

Whoever lives in Wah Cantt knows that this person, Malik Tamoor is not only very rude and quarralsome he is also notorious for his loitering outside the girls colleges. He has obtained his bachelors degree by crook from Comsats institute of Wah, and having no credentials or sense, just on behalf of his immense wealth he is being presented as leader of the educated and sensible leader of Wah Cantt.

Its about time that people of this area must show some sense and say no to this nonsense.

Please vote responsibly.

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