Malik Qayyum: A Simple Folly

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The Attorney General, Mr Malik Abdul Qayyum has denied the audio conversation made public by human rights watch and told that he will go to court to defend his stand point as this voice is not of him. He also told the media that if I have said that in November 2007 then why it has been made public now?

Dear Malik sahib we believe that you are right but think for a moment that if it has been made public in November last year than you would be in a better position to defend your point of view, you may have then told that elections are not going to be held so what to talk about rigging. On the other side the possessor of this audio conversation might have some doubts about elections so didn’t want to waste his/her effort.

So it’s the right time to make such things public as now the holding of elections seems to be much sure than it was before. Enjoy, it happens, even if you are not guilty, and even if you are then nobody is going to the courts for your such comments as the courts are also yours.

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