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Malala Ki Haqeeqat

By Tazeen • Jul 13th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 4 Comments

You really want to know the true bare facts behind the Malala Yousafzai and why she has been given so much importance and respect in the Western world? You really want to know why a faction of society refuses to accept Malala and her role and her struggle? You really want to know what this is all about? Then first you need to be prepare to face the truth.

This is not just about this little girl from the Swat who wanted to study and on October 9, 2012, the Taliban terrorists attacked her just because she was adamantly going to school and was asking her mates and other girls in the area to accompany her to the school. This is not just about her standing up in the face of subjugation, threats and harassment. This is not just about any conspiracy. This is all about the fact that Malala has exposed the dual and confused face of our Pakistani society.

West is lauding her for her role in campaigning for the education rights of the girls. We are confused as we still refuse to see the writing on the wall and don’t accept Taliban terrorists our enemy. This enemy has been killing us, destroying us, working hard to make us pariah in the world, and yet we are engulfed in the confusing and blurred arbitrary equation of good and bad Taliban.

Malala has told us by her sacrifice and courage that these terrorists are ruthless creatures who just want their barbaric ways. Malala has proved to us that these terrorists are not any religious people, but just using religion as the cover over their tribal wildness, and their greed to occupy a country and enforce their absurd writ.

This is what is indigestible for us and that is why as usual we are terming this whole thing as some conspiracy from West. Instead of facing our own-self in the mirror, instead of recognizing and admitting our own cowardice, we are accusing Malala of playing in the hands of the other forces. With their attack on Malala, Kainat and other girls in Swat, and then with their attack on Women University in Quetta; these terrorists have shown and proven that they have no respect of Islamic teachings of saving and caring for women and kids during the wars.

This is all what’s there behind this all fuss.

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  1. She is latest western version of Dr afia who once trained to facilitate Alqaeda activities in Pakistan and America.


    On May 02, 2013, the Supreme Court on Thursday overruled Sindh High Court’s decision and barred PPP’s Murad Ali Shah from contesting elections from PS-73 Dadu in dual nationality case. A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, upheld the decisions of Returning Officer and Election Tribunal and declared SHC judgment null and void. The apex court disqualified Shah over his dual nationality. Last month, the Sindh High court allowed the candidate to run for the Sindh Assembly constituency.

    It was agreed that under constitutional provisions an adviser was like a minister.The chief justice said no denial had been issued on the report, especially on the issue of dual nationality. The post was of a sensitive nature and involved strategic security issues, he added.

    The additional attorney general admitted that the adviser should meet the prerequisites to become a member of parliament because he had to attend official meetings.

    On May, 2013, a seven-member provincial cabinet comprising of Manzoor Hussain Wassan‚ Makhdoom Jamiluz Zaman‚ Ali Nawaz Mahar‚ Dr. Sikander Mangro‚ Sharjeel Inam Memon‚ Mir Hazar Khan Bejarani and Nisar Khoro also took oath. Besides‚ Syed Murad Ali Shah has been appointed advisor to CM on Finance.

    No TV channel or anchor, either print or TV media, so far has raised this issue that why Murad Ali Shah has been allowed to work as Adviser, he is a proven holder of dual nationality. (Canada), an unconstitutional act should be condemned at all forums. You are requested to raise your concern against this constitutional violation. save the tax payers money.

    A concerned citizen.


  4. dont compare AFIA with malala. AFIA is innocent, served lot as a doctor, what is the credibility of malala?

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