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Make Every Pakistani a Blogger

By Ghazala Khan • Nov 19th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 5 Comments

No journalist, T.V Channel, newspaper can cover the rural and remote areas of the Pakistan. Even if they can reach out there, they are restricted way too tightly to not to telecast or write about the cruelities of waderas, khans, sardars and jageerdars.

The mobile phone revolution has done wonders, but it’s potential should be utilized to give tongue to the voiceless Pakistanis in villages and the towns. They could instantly text out when some wadera kidnaps the girl of hari, or when anyone’s land got grabbed by some influential person. Even many people have cameras in their phone which they can use to send out pictures of high-handedness and atrocities. People can send out pictures of unfinished projects, hoarding, power theft, water and gas leakage, environment hostalities, corruption, and other crimes.

Here mobile phone companies, NGOs, and civil society should provide a platform to the locals to use texting and camera phone video to report from rural areas. They should send out the easy-to-remember web addresses, which could be accessible just by key-combination on the mobile phone. Citizen journalism is so easy to implement, and this would empower the people. The websites displaying the news coming from mobile phones should be managed by independent sources without any editing or deleting.

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