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Lyari Gang War

By Muskan Hina • Jul 13th, 2008 • Category: Politics • 2 Comments

As if the militant groups challenging the writ of the government in the tribal region of Pakistan, and Sindhi and Balochi tribes fighting with each other with heavy arms were not enough, we have also a full blow gang war in the most advanced, educated, biggest, and cultivated city of Pakistan, the city of lights and Quaid, Karachi.

Lyari is the hub of lawlessness and is littered with every kind of problems and the gangster groups in the area are having a bloody field day. In the Lyari the Eidu Lane, Bhand Mohalla, Slaughter house, Bhangi Para, Punjabi Mohalla and Ali Mohammad Mohalla are the specific dens of the outlaws. These outlaws have made the actual residents of the areas to flee the area, and now their houses are being used as the lairs for them.

The gangsters have created a network of tunnels among the houses they occupied, and were using them as storage for the ammo and for the torture cells. They have also looted the houses they are now occupying and they don’t intend to leave them that easily. These outlaws are using state-of-the-art ammunition against each other, and many people have died in the shoot outs, and there simply is no writ of the government.

More than 250 families have evacuated the area, where the battle is going on between Arshad Pappu gang and the Rehman Dakait’s gang, and now a days the battle is going between the groups over the Eidu lane, which is currently occupied by the Rehman Dacait gang, and is considered his core turf.

Right now an operation has just concluded and it was launched by Lyari Town SP Raja Omer Khattab and Rangers wing 92, Major Afzal, with South Zone DIG Iqbal Mehmood and Ranger 92 wing colonel Pervaiz in charge. This operation was a farce, as it was motivated by the political motives and was just an eye wash. Police took help of Ghaffar Zikri, a group leader of the Arshad Pappu gang in Lyari on the promise that police would clean up Lyari from the gang of Rehman.

The volatile situation in Layri is very alarming, and the gang war could spred to the adjoining areas and then to the whole of city. A full army operation is needed in the area without any political or personal interests. 

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  1. muskan is always right.

  2. Miss Muskan Hina who is given power to her to say some thing about BALOCHI nation What she knows about Balochies the gangster war balochi never took the gun agains any innocent human been the MQM leader and workers the have heavy guns and using agains Balochies , agains Pathan.
    The time of divided of INDIA they were migrate to Pakistan specialy to Karchi these MAHAJIR forgot every thing how Balochies helped them Balochies provided to them shelter, food water so many things ets.
    Now these mahajir took the guns agains Balochie I now SAY …. GO MAHAJIR GO BACK INDIA
    there is no any piece of land for URDU SPEAKING peoples there province in INDIA not in PAKISTAN
    there are only FOUR NATIONS and FOUR PROVINCE Go back India to their PROVINCE Tell Altaf Hussain if you are a MAN if you think come back and face the situation like a Great Laeder BENAZEER. You just make a call and tell your peoples to take the guns agains Balochies, Patan

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