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Long March: TuQ Confronts Yazeedi Plea

By A Khokar • Jan 22nd, 2013 • Category: Politics • One Response

It’s funny to take the Yazeedi plea and compare TuQ  Dharna with the ordeal of Karbala. In case of Hazrat Imam Hussein (as) he Lost his Life along with his entire family and was martyr for not submitting to Yazeedi demand………………!

Hazrat Imam Hussein (as)had arrived in Karbala at the invitation of kofiites to come and take the control of rein but on arrival he was confronted with Hostile forces and opposition from Yazeed.

Hazrat Imam Hussein (as) assessing the situation of this betrayal had put up few demands namely:

1. Let me go back from where I have come

2. Let me settle with Yazeed himself on one to one bases

3. If not two of above demands are met then let me go to any nearest Muslim state and he would try to migrate there

But He was told to submit in total to Yazeed but he refused to submit; which resulted in loss of his entire family and companions.

In the light of above you may not equate TuQ conduct with Hazrat Imam Hussein (as).

Here Situation is entirely different. Here he won…from the very people who were at his throat just the other day. When he challenged and gave ultimatum… the rulers that he called them Yazeed……., they had come running bowing down to his feet in adoration and surrender by accepting  all his demands.

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  1. Dear Friends,

    TuQ is a man of intellect

    They say: Murd e Nadaan peh Harf e Narm o Nazak bay Assr

    So it requires education and ones intellect to reach and pick the word of wisdom from the speeches of TuQ made at the time of Long March

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