List of Benazir Income Support Program : BISP List

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Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has been initiated by Government of Pakistan with initial allocation of Rs.34 billion (US $ 425 million approximately) for the year 2008-09 which is the third largest allocation in the total budget and is 0.3% of the GDP for the year 2008-09. The Programme has been initiated to partially offset the impact of inflation on the purchasing power of the poorer sections of the society.

In the years 2005-07, inflation stood at almost 10% with food inflation in the range of 13-15%. In the year 2007-08 sharp rise in oil prices and primary products in the international as well as domestic market resulted in double digit inflation rate, which has almost halved the purchasing power of the people. Hence there is urgent need for direct and speedy relief to the poor sections of the society and BISP is the response to the above compulsions. The Programme is aimed at covering almost 15% of the entire population, which constitutes 40% of the population below the poverty line. A monthly payment of Rs.1000/ per family would increase the income of a family earning Rs.5000 by 20%. BISP will cover all four provinces including FATA, AJK, FANA & ICT. Husband, wife and dependent children constitute a family.

Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program: MS Farzana Raja
Beneficiary Eligibility Criteria:
The following categories of families are eligible:
a) Possession of CNIC by female applicant/ recipient.
b) Monthly family income is less than Rs.6000/.
And subject to conditions (a) and (b).
c) Widowed/ divorced women, without adult male members in the family.
d) Any physically or mentally retarded person(s) in the family.
e) Any family member suffering from a chronic disease.
Ineligibility Criteria:
The following families are ineligible to receive any assistance under the Programme:
a) Where any of the members of the family is in employment of government/ semi-government/
authority/ department or armed forces of Pakistan.
b) Where any of the members of the family is drawing pension from government/semi
government/authority/department or armed forces of Pakistan.
c) Where any of the members of the family is receiving any post-retirement benefits from any
government department/ agency.
d) Where any of the members of the family owns an agriculture land more than three acres or
residential house/ plot of more than eighty square yards (3 marlas).
e) Where any member of the family is receiving income support from any other source like Punjab
Food Support Scheme etc.
f)  Where any member of the family possesses a Machine Readable Passport.
g) Where any member of the family possesses a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis
h) Where any member of the family has a Bank Account (except in NBP, HBL, UBL, MCB, ABL,
BOP, Bolan Bank, Khyber Bank, First Women Bank, ZTBL, Khushhali Bank, and all microfinance

Source: BISP

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