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Let’s Save Pakistan, Let’s Welcome Musharraf

By Gul Raiz • Jan 27th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 6 Comments

If there is a prize for sham democracy, Pakistan should be getting it hands down. For the last five years, this democracy festival has done nothing but to make politicians rich and media famous. Anchorpersons of the media and fake degree holders are the only beneficiaries of this mess, given the name of democracy.

Pakistanis have grown tired of hearing about examples that the democracies in America and England took centuries to get mature, and so Pakistan must go through that grueling path and only then we would get the true democracy and its elusive fruits. Why don’t these armchair, envelope -paid wisdom contractors tell us that it took hundreds of years to invent, innovate, develop, market and produce the modern inventions by the West, so instead of using them right now, we must live in caves and first go through those years to hardwork and then use these modern inventions.

We in Pakistan are not lunatics and dumb entities. We have brains and we know that in order to implement a good precedence there is no need to go through all that process, and it can be implemented ready made with customization, only if the intent is right.

In Pakistan, all the components of a republic and democracy are there for years. All we need is some dyanamic and enlightened leadership with sagacious coterie. There is no harm in making a caretaker setup for 3 or even 5 years in Pakistan under the leadership of Pervaiz Musharraf, Syed. Tahir ul Qadri, PML-Q, ANP, MQM, Fazlur Rehman, and many other regional parties would instantly say Amen to that. Imran Khan will also not take long to say Yes.

So its practicable and there is no need to fear from media and judiciary, as they have been blabbing for years and will keep doing so. Let’s put Pakistan back onto the track. Lets’ welcome Musharraf.

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  1. Sir Musharraf Zindabad.

  2. Why Musharaff is not ready to face the legal case about killing of Benazir?
    What happenned to his World bank appointed PM during his regime? Will he come again?
    What about Kargil and how he dethroned an elected leader?
    Who is paying for his lavish tips in London and Dubai when he tips pound 50 for every visit to
    a restaurant?
    If the regime of Zardari is so bad why not you people in Pakistan are not able to elect
    a person who is corruption free like AQ Khan as President, Imran Khan as PM and General Hamid gul as foreign Minister? Why not these leaders educate the masses about bad regime of PPP?

  3. Captain
    this is biggest tragedy in Pakistan’s history that people forget the past after seeing the limiting crossing performance of present rulers.But now big change is that media has become hyper active so there are bright chances that he will attacked by same questions which you are raising there.
    I think Tahir qadri like flicker was moved by him to pave way of his induction.He was rolling in money which he earned as facilitator of war in our it is just show of power of money and desperation of ruling seat which are forcing him e to come back and grab it all.TUQ is here to make another NRO like deal for him.
    old wine new bottle and this wine will be extracted by hopes of Pakistanis

  4. welcome musharraf…
    alla want MUSHARRAF but some people make it difficult because they want only their life in harmony…and to eat pakistans and pakistani nation to fool….
    Musharraf is a big SUPPOTOR OF PAKISTAN>>>if we wish to be successful pakistan ..we shoul support MUSHARRAF as people support other parties…whether they know them or not….they come only to eat food…

  5. This nation find itself wrecked in swamps of worst kind of corruption and nepotism which can only be eradicated by Islamist tools of strict fatwas used for cleansing of undergrowth and to carry out wide range of pruning in order to bring it back to life…

    Where as Musharraf Bahi may be patriot, honest and upright person but he is a spent cartridge. His dictatorial but civilized mind may not bring in the cure of the ailments which this nations suffers.

    He may best serve this nation by raising and running of a Think tank in the field of Foreign affairs

  6. wel come Mushraf Sahib we wait for your good Governement No Problem cases face with Gently and treat poors they are want you

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