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Lashkari Raisani; A Big Win For PML-N

By Maria • Mar 5th, 2013 • Category: Politics • No Responses

It seems everybody in the street is joining PML-N. On daily basis, newspapers are full of dozens of MPAs and MNAs and influential leaders of different areas from different provinces joining the Muslim League Nawaz and showing their trust on its leadership.

That goes on in politics near election, and its not something to rejoice, but I guess the joining of Lashkari Raisani from Balochistan is a huge boost for PML-N, and above all its good for Pakistan. Yes, because Lashkari Raisani represents the angry elements in the Balochistan though he does accept constitution of Pakistan, and his inclusion in mainstream party is very very good omen for the country.

I hope that PML-N leadership would show some sagacity and would keep him and would bring others too in the party and give them due places come next setup after the elections. This is a good chance for Pakistan to win back the restive Balochistan.

Good news after all.

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