larkiyon ke mobile number mania in Karachi and Lahore

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I didn’t know whether to roll over the floor laughing or weep or just scream in anger. Just ten minutes ago, when I was just got freed up from the prayers and waiting for the opening of the first fast, I got an sms from a boy with name Jameel, who said that he had some mobile numbers of larki and if I was interested I could send him the balance of Rs. 100 and get the numbers.

He was obviously thinking me yet another boy and more likely was forwarding that message to many more random people. On a more serious note, I guess he had a business there, because I guess that this mania must have compeled many to part with the hundred rupees and just try and get some ladkiyon ke mobile numbers.

There are many loonies and crazies out there and I am not sure how this all can be controlled.

But here the cyber policy of government must take action and they should  proactively control it. Moreover, the important thing here is to raise awareness among the youth about it. Merely, putting a blanket ban on such things, or just going ahead and shutting down the net isnt going to work. We have seen that in the case of Youtube.

So I hope that the government take some intelligent and technically viable measures in this regard. World has moved on there are many case studies for this. Instead of reinventing the wheel, government can hire any good ones to get the advice and technology and this can be easily done without any hassle.

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