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Lahore Schools Girls Dance in Tablo, A Beautiful Display

By Amna Gilani • Jul 7th, 2010 • Category: Misc • 2 Comments

Though the Lahore city is sad over the terrorist attacks and the morale of the people is all time low, the girls colleges and schools of the city are busy in uplifting the sad and morose mood.

They are holding seminars, functions, and tablos and letting the people know that the Lahore is alive and kicking and won’t be get subdued by the terrorists and the children are breaking the barriers of fear and they are going towards life, colors and the true meaning of the life.

I attended a very pretty tablo last week in Lahore in Walton area at a local girls school and it was extremely refreshing and lively and my belief got more firm that nobody could deter this nation and no matter how many bomb blasts and suicide attacks the terrorists unleash, the city of Lahore will remain sparkling and things will be all time great.

Long Live Lahore.

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