Lahore School Girls Mobile Numbers Exchange in Chat Rooms

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I am a frequent visitor to the chat rooms of different providers on the Internet lately, as I have come to know that they have become the real den of strange things, and like a good blogger, one has to be on top of these things. As I am not afraid of exposing such things and as TPS is not hesitant to let me write on such issues.

It is only my duty to shed light on such issues and that is what I am doing, and that is why I am going to do, no matter what.In a very well know chat room (I am not mentioning its name, because I dont want its marketing), a common practice is to exchange the mobile numbers of girls. I was in the chat room yesterday, when a member cried out in the main screen where all messages are flashed, that he has got a fresh collection of some Lahore girls mobile numbers, and if anybody is interested, he can have them in lieu of some Karachi girls mobile numbers or Islamabad girls mobile numbers.

There was an animated frenzy after that, as everybody was willing to exchange some girls cell numbers, and everybody was having a go at it. It seemed that there was nothing important to do, and it was the most important matter at hand. I don’t know whether those numbers were for real or not, but that certainly showed our social collapse as far as the youth is concerned.

This trend is not good and very unproductive and needs to be stopped.

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