Lahore College Girls Mobile Phone Numbers On Sale

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I receive hundreds of emails daily from lots of people from all the background. Most of emails belong to the girls, who feel that their stories have been told by me and I feel satisfied and become more energetic to highlight the hidden bitter shameful truths about our society.

Mobile phones have become a part and parcel of our households and it’s a necessity nowadays. Nobody could refute the immense utility of the mobile phones and there is no harm in girls using the cell phones. But at the same time, these cell phones have provided a dark alley for the nefarious elements to reach to the vulnerable girls directly without any hinderance or risk.

Yesterday, I received an email by a girl from Shahdara, Lahore. She is the student of bachelors in the local government college there. She told me that she receives lots of wrong calls asking for friendship or even phone sex and she receives sex text messages on daily basis. She said that she changed her number many times, but then again after sometimes the practice starts again. She suspected that either her college mates gave away her number to somebody. She told me that she asked from one caller as how he got her number, and the caller said that he bought that number for Rs. 150 from a local snooker club in the same area, and he also told her that he knew her home and also bought her biodata. She was stunned and shocked.

That is very alarming and it seems that this shady business is taking roots and getting organized. What’s the remedy? Dont talk about authorites as we all know about that. It’s useless to seek help from the telcos as they are only there for the profiteering. So solution is to take the mobile phones away from the girls?

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