Ladies Celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Founding of Ladies Chapter in PWC

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Every organization is built by the capability of its people to get itself recognized in all parts of the world. Pakistan Writers Club (aka: PWC)  is one such organization which is not only recognized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but it’s talented people have also made their mark in other parts of the World. PWC which evolved almost 25 years back not only shares the glorious memories but also has a feather in its cap by founding it’s Ladies Chapter aka: PWC-LC.

Down the memory lane three years back Faiz Al Najdi – the then President of PWC –  came up with the idea of and laid foundations of a Ladies Chapter in PWC on 15th November-2013. There were seven founding mothers namely, Dr. Wardah (Convener), Dr. Erum (Deputy Convener), Farah (Finance Secretary), Qundeel as Public Relations Officer – aka: PRO, Asma Tariq, Ambreen Faiz and Shaheen Javed.

Ever since its founding, PWC-LC has served as a voice and platform for talented ladies of the Pakistani community in Riyadh. PWC-LC has come of age and has not looked back ever since.

This past weekend members of PWC-LC celebrated the 3rd anniversary of its founding. The members expressed their joy and here is what they have to say about their journey in PWC-LC.

Almas Mumtaz – a senior member and currently PRO of PWC-LC – termed her experience as a member to be that of honor and privilege. “I enjoyed each and every moment with PWC-LC, learnt a lot and made new friends”, Almas mentioned. Almas described Ladies chapter as a tribe of successful women who empower each other.

Ambreen Faiz – a founding member – appreciated all ladies for doing wonderful work to bring about good name of ladies. “PWC-LC has provided me an opportunity to hone my skills of public speaking and I remain very hopeful that PWC-LC shall grow in future”, Ambreen opinionated.

Asma Tariq – currently advisor to Convener – said it was an honor and privilege for her to be a founding member of PWC-LC. “I have enjoyed each and every event in the past 3 years of beautiful journey and I wish all success for PWC-LC”, Asma added.

Engr. Madiha Noman the current Event Coordinator described her three years with PWC-LC as very rewarding “Women are the building blocks of any society. PWC-LC has not only acknowledged that but has provided a wonderful platform to the Pakistani women of Riyadh to transform their dreams into reality. I feel honored to be associated with PWC-LC”, Madiha mentioned.

Farah Ehsan the incumbent Convener expressed happiness on the third anniversary of PWC LC. “I remember that memorable day – 15 November-2013 – when the then President of PWC Faiz Al-Najdi had founded a Ladies Chapter of PWC”, Farah mentioned. She also added today PWC-LC was like a bouquet of several beautiful flowers, as the team comprises of a host of talented ladies from all fields of expertise.

Madiha Malik the incumbent Deputy Convener expressed her two years journey as an amazing one and full of excitement. “During these past two years, I have met with some wonderful ladies and made friends with them also. I found them very talented and have drawn inspirations from them all”, Madiha added.

Qandeel Aymen a founding member appreciated the former president Faiz Al Najdi and Current president Abdul Rauf Mughal who took the initiative for providing a forum where ladies could manifest their talents and creativity. “I thank all male members who nurtured PWC-LC in a very

conducive manner”, Qundeel added.

Shaheen Javed one of the founding members of PWC-LC said that PWC-LC was in fact a group of lovely, beautiful,  talented, successful, passionate and adorable  ladies. “I find myself to be very lucky among this group of lovely ladies”, Shaheen added

Shumaila Malik – incumbent Finance Secretary – said her journey of one year with Pakistan PWC-LC has been a unique experience. “I believe when women with their collective wisdom set out to do anything then they can do wonders”, Shumaila opinionated. She also expressed her hope for a better and stronger PWC-LC in future.

 By Engr. Madiha Noman

Engr. Madiha Noman is an Electrical Engineer by Profession and a Fashion Designer by Passion.

She is a Senior Member and Event Coordinator of Ladies Chapter of Pakistan Writers Club.