Karachi University Girls Scandal in Hostel Hushed

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Its already very hard for the girls to study in Pakistan and when it comes to the university level education, it really becomes very hard and very painful for the girls to carry on their studies. Not only the studies are very expensive, and there is very little hope for the future growth and jobs, there are also many other issues, which make it impossible girls to carry on their studies.

In Karachi, there are many girls who come from different parts of the Sindh to study in universities and colleges and there is extreme dearth of hostels in the Karachi for the girls. In Karachi university same is the case, as the number of girls students is high, but the hostel slots are very less as compared to the number of girls, so girls are forced to live in the private hostels, which are scattered throughout the city.

The plight of these hostels is not well, and there is no privacy and security and people come and go at their will and many incidents have happened. Due to some bad karachi hostel girls, boys have infilterated in the hostels and have taken pictures of girls in their privacy and these pictures are circulating over the mobile phones and the internet.

All the girls colleges in karachi and universities should make sure that they provide hostels for all the girls with full privacy and security.

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