karachi university girls mobile numbers

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There are thousands of mobile numbers of Karachi University girls on some websites over the Internet and there is no check or accountability for these sites. That and there are many sites which are publishing the pictures and videos of Karachi University girls and that trend is going on and on.

True to the fact that most of these vidoes are fake and most of these Karachi girls profiles and pictures are just scam and fake, but even then why do it, and why defame a person without any reason. That is one of the perils of the digital world and that is very much disturbing.

Karachi University girls contact numbers is a new scam and there are many sms circulating about it and inviting to a specific website for them. I am not going to name that website, because that would only create more dirt, but I am really perturbed at this trend and it should be stopped.

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