Karachi School Girls Clips, Pictures and Mobile Numbers Scandal Busted

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When at the one side, a horrendous and bloody spate of target killings are going on in the city of the Quaid, on the other side, some anti-social elements are playing with the lives of the innocent girls. For the last month, the city was buzzing with the scandal of clips of Karachi girls circulating through the mobile phones and then the anonymous SMS containing the pictures and mobile numbers of these girls.

Actually the clips were nothing but dance of the girls in a school function, but that was blown out of proportion and it created extreme nuisance for the families.

Someone saved the dances on the mobile phone and then circulated them. There were some clips and pictures of backstage where girls got little naughty, but they were among themselves and were teasing each another, but the clips and the messages protrayed them as some party girls of Karachi.

Schools and colleges should ban the mobile phones in their premises, especially during the functions and even the guests shouldn’t be allowed to carry mobile phones.

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