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Karachi Girls College Scandal in DHA

By Amna Gilani • Sep 4th, 2010 • Category: Misc • 29 Comments

Three girls were rusticated from a college in DHA, Karachi on the charges of misconduct. These girls were told to keep their mouths shut and don’t talk to the media or anyone else, otherwise the college would take them to the police. Obviously, these girls remained quite and their parents too. This happened last year just before the summer started.

These three girls were in the college for the full one year and were close friends. Due to their rich and liberal families, they didn’t have much interest in the studies and were more geared towards fun and entertainment. They had boyfriends and they openly boasted about them. The girl trio soon became notorious for their illicit acts within the college.

These three girls were getting nastier as the days were passing, and many girls complained about them. The trio used to tease the girls, invited them for friendship with boys, trio shared theĀ  mobile number of Karachi college girls with the boys, and created many problems. The worst moment came, when an innocent girl received a picture of her on her mobile phone. She was dead at her spot. The picture was from the washroom of her college and she was sitting on the commode. She was dumbfounded and embarrassed and frightened as how that happened and who took the picture.

The she received an sms from the same number that if she wanted to keep that picture private then she had to meet the sender outside college. Thankfully the girl had the brains, and she mustered her courage and took her family in confidence. Her brothers and father sms the sender from girl’s mobile that she was ready to meet the sender and would come outside of college at certain time. The sender replied back to get out of college at 11 and find the black color Honda civic.

Right before at 11, the family of girls accompanies by college administration and police took their positions outside college. Five minutes before a black color Honda came and the police stormed it, and two boys were arrested. Later those boys revealed that they were provided the picture of girl in bathroom by those three bad girls of karachi. Parents of those girls were summoned at once, and to keep the name of college from notoriety, and to hush the matters, an accord was declared an the three girls were just expelled.

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29 Responses »

  1. you do a good job.

  2. In tough times, tough keep going

  3. Women know what kind of a corrupt society they live in, so they should do more to protect themselves. Meaning don’t remove your clothes anywhere but your homes.

  4. @ observer

    I mean, you must be joking to suggest women get their pants wet and dirty, to protect themselves from corrupt society.
    Or may be you are totally against Honeymoon and Honeymooners.
    Give me a break, and get a life.

  5. @ saeed khan

    I think you mean women soil their pants instead of the using the bathroom in order to protect themselves. Well einstein, You can be either stupid and remove your clothes outside when you know that there are people who can and do pictures of people in such situations but you would rather have them change instead of protecting yourself; or you can be smart and realize the fact that you live among such corrupt people and you can either do what you can to protect yourself and or be stupid to accept this fact and become their victim.

    couples who go on a trip, live in a hotel and share the bathroom only between the two, not so many other people that anyone can take their picture. As for your honeymoon, it is a imitation of the kaffirs and not from Islam; and whoever (Muslim) imitates someone (kaffir) will be resurrected with them (kaffirs) as such (kaffir)!, you would know that if you had read ahadith, the words of the Prophet you claim to love but not listen, instead of your hollywood movies.

    These honymooning kaffirs you people like to imitate have the highest divorce rate… and the culture who don’t have honeymoon have lower divorce rate. These people have all these things because their relationships aren’t based on anything real, so when the rosy love cycle ends then so does their marriage.

    You are not getting any break for being stupid, so get a brain.

  6. @Amna

    I just want to commend you for raising awareness about these important social issues. But your views one sided (at the end of the day its your way of seeing the world, and you have every right). I don’t disagree with anything in this post, and these girls were bad. But in general all of your posts are about having a boyfriend and a girlfriend, which I don’t consider a bad thing. There are all kinds of people in this world. This is not a western culture, but this has happened for centuries and it will continue. I can go on and on about list examples about these “True Muslims”, and what they are up to. They start preaching like dogs in every forum like as if they own it.

  7. I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend
    Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.

  8. Wow, look what the pakistani society has turned into.

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  15. these girls and 2 boys should be shot dead ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cut their arms and legs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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