Karachi Girls College Scandal in DHA

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Three girls were rusticated from a college in DHA, Karachi on the charges of misconduct. These girls were told to keep their mouths shut and don’t talk to the media or anyone else, otherwise the college would take them to the police. Obviously, these girls remained quite and their parents too. This happened last year just before the summer started.

These three girls were in the college for the full one year and were close friends. Due to their rich and liberal families, they didn’t have much interest in the studies and were more geared towards fun and entertainment. They had boyfriends and they openly boasted about them. The girl trio soon became notorious for their illicit acts within the college.

These three girls were getting nastier as the days were passing, and many girls complained about them. The trio used to tease the girls, invited them for friendship with boys, trio shared theĀ  mobile number of Karachi college girls with the boys, and created many problems. The worst moment came, when an innocent girl received a picture of her on her mobile phone. She was dead at her spot. The picture was from the washroom of her college and she was sitting on the commode. She was dumbfounded and embarrassed and frightened as how that happened and who took the picture.

The she received an sms from the same number that if she wanted to keep that picture private then she had to meet the sender outside college. Thankfully the girl had the brains, and she mustered her courage and took her family in confidence. Her brothers and father sms the sender from girl’s mobile that she was ready to meet the sender and would come outside of college at certain time. The sender replied back to get out of college at 11 and find the black color Honda civic.

Right before at 11, the family of girls accompanies by college administration and police took their positions outside college. Five minutes before a black color Honda came and the police stormed it, and two boys were arrested. Later those boys revealed that they were provided the picture of girl in bathroom by those three bad girls of karachi. Parents of those girls were summoned at once, and to keep the name of college from notoriety, and to hush the matters, an accord was declared an the three girls were just expelled.

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