Karachi College Girls Clips on Mobile Phones in 3GP Mania

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I don’t know whether they are for real or some sort of camera trick, but I was shocked to my core, when I saw a short clip of a college girl taking off her college uniform (blue shirt, and white shalwar, with a dupatta), and then doing obnoxious thing with two boys in some sort of hotel room.

The clip was shown to me by a friend and she said that she recieved it from the unknown source and was receiving such clips routinely. She said that some clips following by text messages that these clips were from of Karachi university girls from reputable air, and that there were many more if she liked.

This is pretty much grave situation and the misuse of the mobile phones is increasing very gravely and authorities must take notice of such nefarious and evil activities as they are bound to ruin the lives of so many people. Time to wake up society.

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