Karachi Auditions of Pakistan Idol and Hyderabad Auditions

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From IBA Karachi to Karachi University, from colleges of Hyderabad to the girls colleges of Karachi, the auditions dates of Pakistan Idol are being waited upon with extreme interest. Already the venue of Pakistan Idol in Karachi and Hyderabad have been decided, and things are pretty cool in that front as all the preparations have been finalized.

The colorful bus of Pakistan Idol is traversing through the different cities of Pakistan and taking the auditions of boys and girls who are interested and really passionate about showing their talent in the music industry. The talent is oozing through every nook and corner and its becoming harder to select the contestants.

Schedule of Pakistan Idol for Karachi and Hyderabad for 2013 and even for 2014 has been finalized. Auditions would be fair, neutral and transparent. Please do the extensive preparation and riaz before coming to the auditions and select your songs carefully. There is no problem in selecting the Bollywood songs but please be sure to prepare well.

And always remember that there is no short cut for the success and that is also true for the Pakistan Idol competition. The brightest will shine through and it might be you.

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