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Karachi Ashura Blast on MA Jinnah Road

By Altaf Khan • Dec 28th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 25 Comments

A powerful bomb blast occurred in the mourning procession being taken out in connection with the Yaum-e-Ashur. The blast occurred in the front part of the central mourning procession near Denso Hall at Jamia Cloth Market triggering stampede.

All other Ashura processions have been stopped throughout the city and the law and order situation is getting out of hand and MA Jinnah Road is on fire.

One wishes and hope that no more such tragic incident happens.

But only if the Shia leaders could have sensed the coming terrorism threats and would have held processions indoor.

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  1. This is condemnable and heinous crime done by the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. But to burn properties and creating havoc and unleash anger on innocent people and looting/damaging public and private properties is also the acts of illetrate people.

    I don’t know where were the elders and Ulemas of the procession when the the youngers and jahil were doing all this in the wake of protest.
    This stupid reaction is equally condemnable. Thses jahils must know that the enemies of Islam and Pakistan wanted the same reaction from them so that they could easily create law and order situation in the city and country.


  2. [...] Karachi Ashura Blast on MA Jinnah Road | The Pakistani Spectator [...]

  3. We condemn these innocent killings. People involved in these incidents are not even human beings..03228588195

  4. Poetic Justice…

    Jinnah…to Jihad…natural evolution…fittingly on “Jinnah Road”

  5. Yes, its all Shia’s fault, no fault of Sunnis who blow people up.

    Sunni maarain gay bhee aur bolnay bhee nahain dain gay.

  6. Ulema of Fiqqah jaffria must share the responsibility of this huge loss that is still going on in one of congested commercial center of Karachi.The incidents on shia processions were going on for last week and on the others side tensions in Iran is also escalating in these days of mourning.So in such violent environment they could have foreseen such incidents and could guide their followers for better safer options than this what we are seeing now.
    We all know that foreign hands have become very active in last 10 years and no body knows who is actually pulling the strings of these suicide bombers.So it is moral obligation of these religious cleric to avoid such situation which provide maximum prey to these target killers.If they don’t give any safer way to their followers, then it is nothing more than insanity and show of extremism form their side too.

    One can easily observe that mqm leadership who all time comment against Taliban are fully ignored by this bomber standing just near to the hit spot and he selected poor people like him as his victims.

  7. @4
    so you want to tell us that it is India behind this mess that is taking revenge to jinnah’s name.

  8. One can easily find traces of SSP (Sipah-e-Sahaba) and LJ in this incident. Not sure if they are muslims, but they certainly claim to be. They are pro at doing these things as they have done for years. Sectarian violence is not new. The tactic of blaming outsiders is used by extremist to divert attention away from these groups. I don’t know why we have so much unconditional love for these extremist organizations.

  9. @8
    again nothing more than blame game.
    all state machinery was red alert but no one can stop the escalation of violence that has spread fire in one of important commercial whole sale market of Karachi.Govt which always planned to be the best and in ruling side is no way taking responsibility of such crimes.
    Same story of carelessness or intentional negligence with new victims which we heard on 12 may and 27 dec.
    Listen the plea of traders that govt incompetency is prominent in all mess ensued by little activity of terrorism.
    Listen the absurdity of news “rehman malik has taken notice of this terrorism after 16 hrs.
    What kind of notice, this action was being foreseen for many days???
    Peshawar and pindi was the worst effected areas but still such chain reaction is not observed here even in more worst cases.
    So why all time same kind of destructive elements appeared here which is no way tracked by all kinds of forces deployed by govt.
    A big question on the credibility of mqm city govt and its share in provincial govt??

  10. 53 killed, over 100 injured seriously and some 1500 shops of Karachi top Bolton market burnt to ashes.

    Well —–We asked for it —isn’t it?

    Knowing it to be such that there is war going on against the enemies of Pakistan; it is an enemy which is found within us. The enemies that we bred and nurtured and allowed them to grow into monsters—- that they are now able to strike us when ever this nation is vulnerable in any situation like this Shura procession.

    In the interest of country and its stability, calmness and peace—— why; these useless processions which serve no cause what so ever except—-just show of power of few and satisfaction of their personal egos only. Why these could not be stopped———postponed, deferred till such time that all was ok.

    What a tragic loss — that just one person could cause—-.

    But they say: Khud Karda raa ilajay naist.

    Then—- Aisa tu hotaa hey aisay kamoun main.

  11. Nazia,

    Yes——- I fully agree with your comments that ——Ulema of Fiqqah jaffria just not only share the responsibility of this huge loss…. but be held fully responsible.

    Next— it is the provincial government who for their cheap popularity and fame—- allowed this.

  12. @11
    Oh thanks God you are not shia other wise I might facer abusive threats from you for saying my personal point of view.
    If you agree with somebody then it is very normal in your moral dictionary and if something don’t come in your narrow state of mind then you have absolute powers of using 4 letter word to scare others.Really very scary for me,,,,
    Watch the event carefully the target is not suicidal attack but creation of same situation as we had seen in 12 May and 27 dec but this time through this act of blast that is now covering our all sins and weakness through out the country.
    Complete failures of security agencies under mqm dominating areas again and not a single culprit has been caught .
    So one can easily judge that suicidal bombs are not area related problem but it is demand of some groups working strongly within our institutions to achieve their long term targets.
    By the way all know that such kinds of acts are strongly related with agencies + mqm terrorist gangs to create harassment in Karachi , this time might be for coming local body elections.

  13. WHAT TO DO
    In the heart-rending, despondent situation involving Pakistan’s Muslims

    By: Nayyar Ahmed

    Another day, another bomb blast: Pakistan is rocking with the burden of Muslims slaying their own brothers in the name of Islam, with reckless abandon. Students of universities, innocent shop-owners, benign women and children en route to weddings, and the poor working class of society going about their menial day-jobs are becoming the sad victims of a relentless string of suicide attacks.
    At the other end of the same spectrum, each day brings news of “militants” being killed by the ruling government. How many of these people are dying as innocent bystanders, or as cold-blooded, “terrorists”, only Allah knows. For us, each day that dawns bright and sunny mars our mood by breaking news of horrific events that seriously traumatize even those of us who possess nerves of steel.

    Despondent, frustrated, and confused, we rack our brains for answers to one question, “Oh Allah! Why?” What should we believe? How do we know who is really behind these carefully-promulgated attacks? How do we authenticate what the media is reporting? How do we decipher who is speaking the truth, and who is lying? Is this part of a major conspiracy? OR are things as they appear to be?
    Following are some of the steps one may take in order to respond to the present situation, making a positive difference in one’s own life and also in the lives of other people.
    A - Individual Level:
    1. Read the Quran with meanings (you will be AMAZED to find solutions so open and so clear)
    2. Understand how the Prophet (s.a.w) and his companions dealt in difficult times, by studying seerah. Gain knowledge of what he recommended for us to do in times of fitnah that would fall close to The Hour. Thence follow these examples.
    3. Apply the daily sunnah of the Prophet (s.a.w) in your life, so that you gain inner strength.
    4. Build your character according to the prescribed way (of the Quran and sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w)
    5. Try to take the fear of people, and love for this world out of yourself (this will give you courage to speak the truth, stand for the truth, and eventually life your life for the truth).
    6. Recite a lot of istighfar
    7. Recite qunoot-e-nazilah
    8. Recite Dua e Taif
    9. Pray Dua e Istikharah, and ask Allah to guide you and to tell you how to deal with the current situation; how to contribute your share in the most effective way.
    10. Pray Night prayers: Tahajjud
    11. Decrease your spending on those things that are not very necessary for you to purchase or use.
    12. Try to relate to the pain of others around you who are suffering because of this war in one way or another. Honor them, respect them and express your unity with them:
    - Try to avoid conflict in daily life: DO NOT get distracted by others provoking you in fight, or argument.
    - Get up and leave that place. (It is important to maintain your focus and to remain ‘collected’ spiritually, emotionally and physically.) Otherwise, you can easily lose your focus and indulge in petty disagreements that can make you deviate from the causes you want to work for.
    - Don’t waste time!
    - Keep your focus.
    13. Keep your focus on your present mission: To go on doing your work without any hindrance. E.g. If you are a student, continue to study hard, and be honest in every thing that you do.
    14. Remember on a daily basis, that YOU have to contribute in freeing Pakistan of this terrible mess. But you have to do it tactfully. (Find time for it! Even if it is just a little bit!)
    B - Family:
    1. Make time for your children:

    They need you to be for them to share with you their problems, their little joys and fears. As a parent, your duty is not just to fulfill their physical needs, but you need to cater to their emotional and spiritual needs as well. From you, your children need emotional and spiritual guidance and strength.

    Spend time with them, play with them, and provide them with a feeling of security and confidence.
    2. Make your teenage children aware of the moral crises we are in and hence because of which the whole country is in a mess.

    Talk to them about the reasons of downfall of nations, and how the nations stand up and re build themselves. Give them hope, and NOT FEAR!
    C - Collective Level:
    1. Write to the religious scholars, and request them politely to come on the media and guide the general public telling them what to do in such difficult times.
    2. Ask the Religious Scholars that scholars of all sects and creed should come on the media explaining clearly to public that taking innocent lives via suicide bombing does not entitle a person for jannah, but can be a sure ticket for Hell-fire.

    Prompt others to do istighfar, via: SMS, Email, telephone, Facebook and twitter status updates, blog comments, Internet chatting, or on a one-to-one basis - whenever you meet somebody; just find the occasion!
    3. Make your opinion public: write letters to the editors of newspapers, post on your blog, leave comments under articles in international news websites with the highest traffic, and on online discussion forums, expressing your opinion regarding the state of affairs. Be careful to not end up in useless arguments, however, and remain civil in expressing even the most strongest of your emotions when discussing a topic.
    4. Send mails to international press, telling them that Pakistani people want USA out of their country.
    5. Write to different embassies, UNO, Human right commissions etc.
    6. Take part in any non-violent and peaceful collective expression of unity of the people of Pakistan against USA’s oppression in Pakistan.
    7. Write and call up media personnel and anchors asking them to discuss solutions instead of showing hot debates on television that lead no where.
    8. Do not encourage corruption.
    9. Keep your calm, and act collected and responsible while interacting with others.
    10. DO NOT INDULGE IN ANY VIOLENCE with people.

    Edited by: Sadaf Farooqi

  14. Nayyar Ahmed

    That’s lovely!

  15. Nazia,
    I conceded with you this time.

  16. We all again trapped down , as started blame game here…

    Its not about sunni nor about shia…

    the one who lost his loved one.. now his family , and dependents are helpless all lives, as well those who lost business.. are also victim.

    both.. see the pain…

    now why to turn down to it shia or sunnni…

    you can read from news.. that.. the fire was from chemical.. pre planned.. how can you say that.. those who were in procession do this… did they know that someone will blow.. and they will start screwing..

    have some common sesce.. its against islam. and all us…

    we should be united.. in all condition…

  17. # 13
    Nayyar Ahmad,

    If I may summarise what you say. It may be:
    See No Evil, Hear No Evil

    Well this is the same old recipe which was prescribed after the fall of Ottoman Empire by the saints of the time that a wrath of God has engulfed the Muslims. In order to escape the humiliation Muslims were asked to isolate themselves from the present day world. They were told to say good bye to this worldly affairs and all the previous researches of knowledge etc that they have been carrying out in the past.
    They all abandoned and went into their cocoon for self repentance as told. While the world outside has progressed with rocket speed but Muslim world kept on lying—-open to subjugation of the western suppressing forces and today the entire Muslim Ummah is considered as down trodden and is at the mercy of western powers.

    Lot of the time has been wasted. Muslims are faced up with charging bulls and these must taken from their horns.

    Please think over it.

  18. # 17 above
    Last sentence.
    Please read as:

    Lot of the time has been wasted. Muslims are faced up with charging bulls and these must BE taken from their horns.



    Please dont think it as a sunni or a shia.. Just have your religion at one side, and think it as a observer, as a common, to find the root cause of this problem.

    We will be fighting each other, we have to be united in any case.

    For flmaing the tika boti… at eid nights.. it took 1 hour to flame the coal. wood/ angheteee , but how come it is possible to flame all the building in minutes. Definitly it was pre-planned.

    Everyone is doing politics on the blood & money of innocent plp.

    Political parties are highly involved.

    Why a re-known minister belongs to a re-known political party (who own 150 shops at bolton market) sold all of his shop just a month before..

    Has he been alarmed, just a month back, however these shops were 40 years old.

    Politics is highly involved.

    Just watch a video after the blast..

    Those who lost lives, cannot be recovered, this lost cannot be filled, its really tragic for their family for whole life, but those whose shops has been burnt, must be recovered. and Govt should help them all.

    These businessman were getting threatened from last 2 years to shift the shop. They don’t know that in this manner it will be done. But now after this, it’s getting possible now, that CDGK has a valid reason to shift the business community.

    Allah bless us all.

    Eye openers are.

    Questiona are,
    1.who were those people from inside or outside the procession having plenty of chemicals enough for burning full markets?

    2.When after the blast in procession all institutes,industries,offices and all other activities were off,then who printed those “banners and pamphlets” in such a big no. that only in one night they were not only printed but were also distributed and pasted on almost every chowk of the city claiming that this activity is done by “Taliban”?

    3.When closed circuit cameras were specially arranged to strictly monitor the procession, then why they were turned off when they were most needed?

    4.Why didn’t Police take any action when they were called for help by poor shopkeepers whose all life-saving was being burnt by terrorists?

    5.Who were those armed persons at fire brigade offices, who forced shopkeepers to run away from the office without even registering a fire-complain?

    6.Why fire-brigade sent help after three hours of fire?

    7.Why a re-known minister belongs to a re-known political party (who own 150 shops at bolton market) sold all of his shop just a month before..

  20. @20
    Try to read my comments under many topics that many dirty and bloody games with in our country are being played under the cover of Taliban activity.
    This time your city is hit that is why you know the internal story.
    I pointed out same ambiguities in city of lahore and Islamabad that have other agenda what it was shown to us.Almost all biggest blasts have different motives and deep rooted targets.
    But our govt and its agencies always tried to channelize our thoughts in one side.
    That is why during investigation for exact root cause of talibanisation and for finding its last connecting support many daring journalists have lost their lives in swat and NWFP area.
    Mafia has got real strength during Musharraf period.
    It is now controlling all state and non state actors.
    Even simple science student can observe that such an intensity blast cant be done by suicidal bomber who can only maximum take 4 to 5 kg of explosive in his jacket.
    It was same kind of planted bomb that we had seen in Bhutto convoy on Dec.
    But listen the version of agencies and govt too.
    By the way why you are so reluctant to name the re known minister.
    Is he your friend or you are also afraid of consequence while living in Karachi that they might trace your through your web world.

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