Kanwari Colony Karachi; Root Cause of Unrest

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It has become stereotype to blame MQM, ANP, and PPP for any problem in Karachi. It’s true that these parties are part of the problem and are almost equally responsible for the killings and extortion in the city, but lately the issue has become far more serious, dangerous and almost out of control.

Earlier, by giving MQM, ANP, PPP some provincial seats, federal ministeries, metro jobs and appointments, it was possible to maintain peace in Karachi. Security agencies knew that they only had to keep an eye on few of the suburbs to keep the the things under control. But not any more.

Now the core of problem has shifted somewhere else. This time the boogie is far much diverse, distributed, trained, and dangerous. They are the Mehsud tribe who have migrated from the Waziristan. Not all of them are bad, but majority have become involved in the kidnappings, beheadings, paid assassinations, robberies, and target killings.

After operation in the tribal region, these people migrated to Karachi. Most of these families had Taliban who were category C or category B Taliban. Following their relatives, these Taliban also shifted to Karachi. Firstly they remained silent, but then made their own groups and started identifying themselves as Taliban. They first killed and ousted political leaders out of their areas, made strongholds and now they operate in groups of 10 or 15 people. Each group has its own ameer.

These groups are autonomous and operate at their own. They don’t have anything to loose and besides they are ready to die. They are just having fun days in Karachi; looting, plundering, killing and eating. They are also sending fundsĀ  back to to their Taliban roots, and in return getting more weapons and man power.

The real danger is that the war is shifting from Waziristan to Karachi, and we are not aware, let alone prepared. The main core of this all activity is the Kanwari Colony of Karachi. Sohrab Goth and Sherpao colony are also massive presence of these people. The only way to control this mess is to send these migrants from Waziristan back, or to some unpopulated area in Balochistan, otherwise be ready to loose Karachi.

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