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Kalabagh Dam, Waiting for a Savior to Turn it into Reality

By Saad Farooq Awan • Dec 8th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • One Response

Constructing a sheesha bar, dance bar, night club in any posh area of Pakistan is much easier than constructing any such thing that would definitely bring prosperity for community, whole province or the whole nation.

Same is the case with Kalabagh Dam project, which was designed in 1984, with the support of the United Nations Development Program; managed by the World Bank, for the client Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan.

After the approval of its Project Planning Report it was put forward to the Federal and Provincial Governments for acceptance of the starting of this enormous project. Meanwhile, the project squad was asked to fulfill the Detailed Designs and Contract Documents for setting it up to enter into the execution stage This job was finished in another two and half years and the project was ready to kick off construction in mid 1987.

But as I said before, in Pakistan how can you make something for the betterment of people if its not filling the hellish tummies of filthy politicians. This program could not be completed due to dissatisfaction from some Provincial Governments, mostly on political grounds. Regardless of an extensive realization of the perseverance of this project, among huge majority of professional sectors of engineers, economists, agriculturists, industrialists and the intelligentsia, a political deal could not be hit for making Kalabagh Dam.
Recently LHC (Lahore High Court) made a ruling to start this project again but it ignited fire under asses of grimy politicians and started to aim their cannons towards the LHC decision and started making hurdles in implementation of this ruling which was totally in harmony with the constitution.

From the very beginning Sindh and KPK assemblies approved more than one resolution versus the Kalabagh dam, but on the other hand the Punjab assembly accepted motions in its favor.

Seeing the current hold of political parties, this dream seems unrealistic and the ruling would soon be buried in graves dug by our supreme leaders.

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  1. Since when has judiciary taken the charge of executives, since when has judiciary entered into politic?. This encroachment and crossing fthe line would be disastrous for Pakistan.

    Kalabagh Dam would be beneficial for Pakistan, there is no second opinion. While shouting in favor of Kalabagh Dam why doesn’t one listen to those that are against this dam. KPK claims that its vast area would be turned into muddy sods resulting evacation of thousands of settled families. Sind does not trust Punajb on the latter’s past record. Illegal canals were drawn from Chashma canal and water was pilfered from the quota of Sind. Instead of negotiating the two aggreived partes and bring some solution there is one stereo typed facts and figures that so much of hydel power would be generated and so much of barren acres of land would be turned into fertile land. Who is denying this. The problem are quite different which are not being addressed. One thing more, all power generated by Warsak Dam was consumed by Punjab. Have Punjab paid the royalty claimed by KPK to the tune of 7 billion Pak rupess? I think not.

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