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Kala Jadoo in Pakistan and Jinn

By revo • Jan 19th, 2008 • Category: Entertainment • 589 Comments



Source : Daily Express

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  1. strange.

  2. Respected Bashir Sahib
    PLease give me your contact address i am in serious trouble i want to talk to you please reply me give me your email or mobile no please.

  3. Bashir Sahab. i am in some problems now a days like Kala Jadu on a little girl. she is totally disabled. after the age of 3. bashir sahab my num is 0333-5612223. plz contact me i will be waiting for your’s reply. thanks

  4. salam bashir sahib, im in troble i hope you can help me. please give me your e -mail or your phone no.

  5. sab frod hai,,mein nay matha patka hai logon k dar pay,,sab paisy batorty hein,,,koi kuch nahi karta,,Allah he sirf madad karta hai,,,
    apna to yaqeen he toot gia…
    bashir sahib aap ko bura lagy to sorry

  6. Qul aaoozobirabbilnas ellahinnaas………………………islam express the presence of such elements as being like we are .presence of such elements like magic and black magic also exists as arts of criminal activity .similar act ofmagic was also conducted over our prophet (PBUH).however god has expressed severe punishment on people who practice such counter the act of such negative forces ,we have qoran and instruction of our holy prophet so to practise and counter such acts by qoranic verse,as surenaas,ikhlaas,falaqa .however as regard to people who claim that they have some power to capture and control these negative forces is not true ,and is a propaganda probably so to market and catch such opinionsoriented indivisual with the motive of earning.

  7. sir muje apna contact number send karain please maiin bohat mushkil main hu muje aaap ki help ki zarurat hai ye mera number hai please muije contact karain main intizar karu ga please help me 03088544080, 03455935410,

  8. sir pli ap mujy mery mail address pe apna contact numb ya personal ID send kr dain. main boht bri mushkil me hon plz meri help krain wrna main pagal ho jaon gi.plz ……..



  11. dear bashir sahib i am in alot of problems and its a emergency my wife has got a serious problem please help if you can email me your details so i can contact you

  12. As Salam o alikum
    What the hell you peoples are talking about….
    Did Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) asked any other for help except ALLAH…
    Trust on ALLAH, and make you deeds better, then ALLAH will help you…
    Bashir saab is not listening, he maybe sleeping right now.., but the one near than your jugular vein, ALLAH is listening,
    So ask ALLAH
    ALLAH will definitely help you…
    Just, give one glance at your past, and you will know that ALLAH have saved you how many times, and you don’t even remember…
    And a person tells you two stories, and you are running after him….
    Consult ALLAH please and follow Sunnah of Prophet (S.A,W), you can tackle every problem……

  13. Assalam O Alaikum are u really exist? plz give me ur cell no.

  14. Salam-o-Adaab,
    main bohot sakht qisim pireshaan hoon muje apna phone number
    ya e-mail address arsaal kare AAP jinaab ki nawazish hogi.
    AAP ka dua go

  15. What is all of this? And do you people get any help from this??

  16. As salamu allaiqum
    mera name uzair hai main rehmani elim se kam leta hoo mare larahe hoo rahe hai mera saga rishtadar se wo jado ger hai hum logo ko ake sal hoo gaya hai larta howa abb us na kisi amel se ahsa amal liya hai ka us per amal karo to wapious ah kar lagta hai aur phir amal karna wala ka amal he kam nahi karta mujha her dafa aiyat change karni parte hai us ko chot pouchana ka liya ager mai larna band kardo ga to wo mujha mardala ga is liya ager main ahsa nahi karo ga to wo jinnato ka badshah ko bola laga apni madat ka liya ya kisi bare dave ko mujha is ka jado ka toor chaheya quaran kareem se mujha lag raha hai wo quaran kareen ko ulta kar ka par raha hai is liya shayed quaran kareem ki aiyateen nahi chal pa rahe us per jo main parta hoo us ka liya app mare help kareen mujha is ka toor bataha mare id hai is per mail kardeen

  17. slam can you write your email address please.i send you i dont know its wrong r right.i need your help .how can we contact you.waslam .takecare

  18. ghar se saman gum hona………..

    stolen things in house…….

  19. i need ur help plz contacact me my email address is

  20. dear,sufi bashir sb, what do u want to show to pepoles.k kala jado,gin etc kya hian? sufi sb logon ko y bataiyn k Rab kya ha aur wo kis tarhan apny bandoon ka khayal rakhta ha. main y nahi kahta k gin ya jado nahi hota but insan ko Allaha pak ny bahtarin makhlook banaya ha,aur apna naib bana kar is zamin per bhaja ha.,ziyada deital main nahi jaon ja, ager aap wakayi aamil hain to logan ko batain ALLAH aur NABI AKRAM(PBUH) ky bary main.thanks

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