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PMA Long Course Question: 1     Relaxation in age limit is permissible or not?
Answer:     Age waiver of three months can be granted in upper and lower age limit.
Question: 2     Age limit for graduate qualified candidates?
Answer:     Graduate candidate can apply upto 23 years age.

Question: 3     Relaxation in marks is permissible or not for candidates with domicile of relaxable districts but studying in other districts.
Answer:     Relaxation in marks is only granted to those candidates who belongs to and have been studying in specified areas.
Question: 4     Any further chance for twice rejected candidates of ISSB?.
Answer:     No.
Question: 5     Any waiver in height?
Answer:     No.
Question: 6     Can a Pakistani national living abroad apply?
Answer:     Yes, he can apply through Embassy of Pakistan.
Question: 7     Can a candidate with ‘A’ / ‘O’ level eligible to apply for PMA Long Course?
Answer:     Yes. However he is required to submit an equivalence certificate from IBCC, Islamabad.
Question: 8     When to apply?
Answer:     The course is announced through leading News Papers in Pakistan in May/Nov each year.

Technical Cadet Course Question: 1     Can candidates, who have passed their FSc exam with CS apply for TCC?
Answer:     Candidates with Computer Science instead of Chemistry in FSc can apply for Computer Software Engineering only.
Question: 2     Can a candidate, who has passed his FSc part-I exam, apply for TCC?
Answer:     Candidates passed FSc Part-I Examination with minimum 65% marks and appearing in FSc Part – II Examination in various Education Boards may apply subject to the provision of certificates by the Principals of their colleges that they will pass the said examination with minimum 65% marks and attach photo copy of result card of FSc Part-I with the application form.
Question: 3     Is TCC arranged in NUST affiliated Colleges?
Answer:     Yes, TCC is scheduled with following NUST affiliated Colleges:-
(1) Military College of Engineering Risalpur (MCE)
(2) Military College of Signals Rawalpindi (MCS)
(3) College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi
(4) College of Aeronautical Engineering, Risalpur (CAE)
Question: 4     Which disciplines are available in TCC related courses?
Answer:     Following disciplines are allocated in TCC related courses:-
(1) Civil Engineering
(2) Telecommunication Engineering
(3) Computer Software Engineering
(4) Electrical Engineering
(5) Mechanical Engineering
(6) Computer Systems Engineering
(7) Mechatronics Engineering
(8) Aeronautical Engineering
Question: 5     TCC entry Test is based on which subjects?
Answer:     Entry Test for TCC is based on following subjects:-
(1) English
(2) Physics
(3) Maths
(4) Chemistry
(5) Computer Science.(Only for CS students)
Question: 6     What is the duration of academic studies and military training?
Answer:     Cadets undergo 4 x years academic studies at NUST affiliated Colleges and 1 x year military training at PMA.
Question: 7     What is the type of commission for TCC?
Answer:     On completion of academic studies and military training at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, successful cadets are awarded BE Degree and regular commission in the Pakistan Army as Captain.
Question: 8     How merit list for TCC is formulated?
Answer:     Following is considered in formulation of the merit list:-
(1) Marks in Matric.
(2) Marks in FSc.
(3) Marks obtained in entry test.
(4) ISSB performance/recommendation.
Question: 9     What is the criteria for allocation of disciplines?
Answer     Candidates are allocated disciplines in the order of merit, however service requirements and choice of the candidate is given due consideration.

A M Cadet Course Question: 1     What are the age and height relaxation?
Answer:     17 – 21 years, however, can be relaxed up to 3 months by AG & 6 months by COAS, in special cases.
Question: 2     What is the Course duration?
Answer:     5 Years for MBBS and 4 years for BDS at AM College Rawalpindi.
Question: 3     What are the Registration dates?
Answer:     Registration dates are given through advertisement in the leading news papers.
Question: 4     What about the candidates appearing in O&A level exams?
Answer:     Candidates appearing in O&A level exams are required to obtain equivalence certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad.

Short Service Regular Commission Question: 1     What is the age relaxation?
Answer:     For GDMO’s 28 years, however, can be relaxed at the discretion of the GHQ Selection Board upto the age of 35 years.
For Specialists 32 yrs, however, can be relaxed at the discretion of the GHQ Selection Board upto 40 years.
Question: 2     Is house job necessary?
Answer:     One year house job is not mandatory for MBBS candidates; however, for BDS candidates it is compulsory.
Question: 3     What is the duration/venue of BMT?
Answer:     BMT for 22 weeks for female at AFPGMI/male at PMA Kakul.
Question: 4     Are the candidate’s required to submit a surety bond?
Answer:     The new inductees under this clause will be commissioned in Short Svc Regular Commission to serve for a fixed pd of 5 years only. However, the officers may be converted into Permanent Regular Commission on expiry of 5 years if they so opt.
Question: 5     What is procedure of Appeal Medical Board?
Answer     Candidate can apply for Appeal Medical Board within three days after the declaration of med result. In case of unfit due to HEPATITIS B & C he has no rights to appeal.

AFNS (BSc Nursing) Question: 1     What are the age and ht relaxations?
Answer:     No relaxation is permissible in ht and age.
Question: 2     What is the Course duration?
Answer:     4 Yrs for B.Sc Nursing at AFPGMI and 3 yrs for Gen Nursing at various CMHs.
Question: 3     What are the Registration dates?
Answer:     Registration dates are given through advertisement in the leading news papers.
Question: 4     What is difference b/w Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC) and Permanent Regular Commission (PRC)?
Answer:     The new inductees in BSc/Gen Nursing will be enrolled in PRC/SSRC to serve for a fixed period of 10/5 years respectively. However, they may be converted to PRC on expiry of 10/5 years if they so opted.
Question: 5     What are the implications if you quit during training?
Answer:     If Nursing Cadet wishes to quit her training or service will deposit bond money before termination.

Soldiers Question: 1     What all documents are required at the time of registration?
Answer:     Following documents are required at the time of registration:-
a. Original Certificates/Marks Sheet (3xphotocopies duly attested)
b. Original Local/Domicile Certificate (3xphotocopies duly attested)
c. CNIC of Self & Father (3xphotocopies duly attested)
d. 4xPassport Size Photographs duly attested.
Question: 2     What will be training period for a recruits?
Answer:     Training period for a recruit is as under:-
a. For Clerk/Cooks – 3 Months basic training & 3x Months trade training.
b. For other trades – 6 Months basic training & 6x Months trade training.
Question: 3     What are criteria for enrolment as Nursing Asst in Army?
Answer:     For selection of Nursing Asst, criteria are as under :-
a. Matric Science ‘B’ grade or FSc ‘C’ grade.
b. Matric Science ‘C’ grade with Diploma in Nursing.
Question: 4     What pay I will get after enrolment in the army?
Answer:     Approximately three thousand five hundred per month during training.
Question: 5     What are criteria for enrolment as Clerk in the Army?
Answer:     Following criteria are required for selection as Clerk:-
a. FA/FSc ‘C’ grade (without star marks in English) or BA/BSc.
b. FA/FSc ‘D’ grade for candidates of Balochistan for all arms/services and Northern Areas for Northern Light Infantry Regiment only.
Question: 6     What all facilities are provided to a soldier in the Army?
Answer:     Following facilities are provided:-
a. Free living accommodation.
b. Family accommodation.
c. Free ration.
d. Free medical treatment for individual, his family and parents.
e. Bright chances of going abroad on UN mission/foreign assignments.
f. Free Air/rail facilities for move on duty.
g. 50% concession in air and rail fare for the soldier and his family.
Question: 7     How much leave will be auth to me in a yr after passing out as a soldier?
Answer:     Following types of leave can be availed during the year :-
a. Casual leave – 10 days after every 3 Months
b. Emergency – At any time.
c. Privilege leave – 2 months.
Question: 8     What is the minimum height required for enrolment in the Army?
Answer:     Height standard for enrolment in the Army is 5’-6” except trades, whose height is 5’-3”.
Question: 9     What is recruit schedule and after registration how much time will it take till commencement of training?
Answer:     There are two selection schedules in a year and it normally takes 4-5 months from the time of registration till commencement of training, i.e April and October each year.
Question: 10     How I will be info whether I am selection or not?
Answer:     Candidates who are finally selection are intimated in writing and subsequently they are informed through telephone.
Question: 11     What is a rank in which individual will be inducted?
Answer:     Individual will be inducted in the rank of a Soldier.
Question: 12     What is a max rank an individual can reach and max svc bracket?
Answer:     Upto the rank of Hon Capt, (maximum service upto 34 years) and individuals can apply for commission as officer provided he fulfills the selection criteria.
Question: 13     Will I be eligible to subsequently apply for commission?
Answer:     Yes.
Question: 14     What is the age limit for a recruit?
Answer:     Min 17 yrs and max 23 Yrs for Matric or 24 Yrs for graduate and 25 yrs if individual is holding a valid driving license.
Question: 15     If the age of individual is less than 18 Yrs, what documents should be provided instead of computerized Identity card?
Answer:     He should be in possession of form B from NADRA.
Question: 16     Can an individual apply when Matric result is awaited?
Answer:     Yes, he can apply with hope cert.
Question: 17     What all tests are conducted for recruit?
Answer:     Medical test, physical test, Intelligence test and written test are conducted.
Question: 18     Where the selected candidates will get training?
Answer:     At different training Centers as per their trade.
Question: 19     What is the syllabus for written test?
Answer:     Entry test will be conducted from the following syllabus:-
a. More objective than descriptive in nature.
b. General knowledge questions on Pakistan.
c. Easy translation both English to Urdu and vice versa.
d. Comparatively easy questions of mathematics.
Question: 20     Can I get registered from any of the Recruit Centres in Pakistan?
Answer:     Registration is done on the basis of Districts. Individuals are required to report to their respective Recruitment Centre for the purpose of enrolment.

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