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Javed Leghari, Chairman HEC, New Dariling of Media

By Tazeen • Jul 18th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu) • 6 Comments

The Chairman of the Higher Education Commission, Prof Javed Leghari has become the darling of media these days as he is the man who is going to decide about the status of the degrees of the parliamentarians. Javed Leghari is a poor sacrificial goat, who is ready to be sacrificed on the altar of war between media and the parliament.

Now as the limelight moves towards the degrees of members from the Sindh, things become more restive and interesting and disgusting. Sindh Home Minister Zulfikar Mirza is exerting all sorts of pressures on Dr Javed Leghari to stop him from verification of the parliamentarians’ degrees, and now the chairman HEC is seeking help from the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani as threats and political pressure on the HEC and his own family has mounted to alarming proportions.

Media should spare the poor guy and shouldn’t be projecting him a lot, as he is a mere government employee who is finding himself in the heat of the affairs, and now he is being used as pawn by the media. Media is going to forget the guy after his fifteen minute of fame, but the loser will be him, as perhaps nothing is going to change here.

And then there is a grave possibility about Javed Leghari’s younger brother Farooq Leghari behind the bars for an indefinite period of time.

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  1. Good article.

    However, we citizens should encourage and reward or at least applaud any “mere government employee” who manages to stand up tall against self serving political pressure.

  2. I don’t agree. I think HEC is nothing more than a nodal point for receiving and dispatching degrees. Its the universities, not HEC, who are under real pressure and most importantly, the secrecy staff.
    You should also have a look here:
    If a university has no record of a degree, HEC cannot do anything. If a university issues fake degrees, HEC has no control over that either.

    - Faisal
    ANU, Canberra AU

  3. It’s fact that we are living in a very challenging time because degrees should not be the criteria of eligibility to Lead Pakistan. Our abroad Students and workers are paying the cost of our corrupt education system because most of universities outside the Pakistan canceled the admissions of our Pakistanis. Change is needed and it would be possible through our efforts. Students of Pakistan can play a big role to change the history of Pakistan with the help of technological development.

  4. f a university has no record of a degree,(except to declare it fake) HEC cannot do anything. If a university issues fake degrees, HEC has no control over that either.

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  6. The Chairman HEC should verify the degrees of all Religious Parties, as most of them do no have BA
    degrees, the famous Moulana heading the Jammaat ul Islam (JUI) he has “INTER ARTS”. Is he qualified to become the member of the present Pakistan. The Chairman HEC in public interest should verrify the
    degree of all Religious partied ” heads, candidates etc

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