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Javed Chaudhry Pictures With a Girl Scandal Circulating on Internet

By Sharafat • Jan 7th, 2010 • Category: Entertainment • 42 Comments

Country’s leading columnist Javed Chaudhry is famous for exposing the wrongdoers in his program Aaj Kal. It seems that someone didn’t like that and has now released some intimate photoes of Javed Chaudhry in a resort setting with a women, who might be his wife. But the email which is being forwarded like hell throughout the web declares that the women is someone else. I have the pictures, but I am not going to publish them because the pictures might belong to Javed Chaudhry’s family. Just the pic of Javed Chaudhry minus the women.

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  1. Well What u did by posting whatever … thats yellow journalism

  2. She might be her niece, younger cousin or any close relations.
    This is a normal warm gesture .
    I am really surprise what is astonishing point here.
    Such gestures are very common in our particular setup too other than our family circles.
    even in our educational institute theses scenes are now being considering a normal gestures among boys and girls.

  3. Whats so “scandalous” about it.

    She might be his friend.

    No big deal………also its his PERSONAL life.

  4. i think there is nothing wrong in these pictures. these are pictures at some public place not in a bed room.
    Also this is some personal matter.
    Please keep a difference between personal and professional
    we cant blame any one,s personal life if he is doing his duties in great manner.
    i am professional engineer. i also went to Europe and have some pics with girls,it does not mean that i have committed a great sin
    Please come out of this Mullaism

    This is nothing but a strategy by Zardari company that they cant defend themselves so they are mud-slinging on others. For God-sake, change your approach.
    By the same approach, we lost our Great scientist Dr.Abdul Salam
    By the same approach, we lost many professional people
    For example. you cant blame Imran khan on his marriage with Jamima if he is honest and sincere pakistani
    we cant blame Dr.A.Q Khan if he does not offer prayer but he is sincere to country

  5. I dont understand what is wrong with the people of our country or at least with the writer of this post.Whats the use of writing such stuff?
    Who ever the girl might be thats none of our business,even if she isnt a relation or a friend thats not our problem.Everyone has his own personal life and no one has a right to peep into it.We may criticize some one for his professional folly but not on his pictures with any girl.For God sake thats sick!

  6. hahaha very funny really ,please positive about javed ch

  7. Hahaha, Well done Javed Chaudhery, Go on.. this is Pakistan where everything is possible!!

  8. i agreed with saima

  9. respected sir Javed Ch i want u to say some thing boldly on this cowerd step of sick kind of person who has sick mind n nothing else but i want u to stop this stupid nonsence game,we respect u n always love u as a great columnist n plz do not let anybody say some rubish abt u

  10. I am big fan of him, just have call him today but number was off, he writes awesome today 500 Dollars.

  11. salam. first of all i dont see photograph.but i say happened in every one life.and i personally with thought of my heart really i dont believe this bcoz i know javed chuadry is very good man.if this all happened.dont be angry and criticized.give message to javed chaudhry to sorry to allah.and i requst to all dont be personally and see yours own and make yourself.

  12. I think its better that javed chaudhary must defend this blame in his program. He is having opportunity to present his version in a program that is watched countrywide.


  14. Jis Ne Bhi Ye Likha hai k “Javed Chaudhry Pictures With a Girl Scandal Circulating on Internet.” Mere Khayal Se Koi Pagal Banda Hai. Sab Se Pehle To Apne Correctness Karay K Javed Saheb K Program Ka Name “Kal Tak” Hai Na K Aaj Kal. Aur Baqi Bat Pictures Ki Wo Pictures Unki Apni Qareebi Relative K Sath Hain Aur Javed Saheb Ne Khud Iss Ki Tasdeeq Bi Ki Hai K She Is His Relative.

  15. Javed Choudhary deserves to be held in high esteem. He is the only one who encourages every Pakistani to break the fresh grounds, to wriggle out of the tough times. He is really a man who should be kept in everyone’s good book. I request to everyone please don’t include him into the array of cheaters, cunnings and looters.

  16. javed jis k b sath thay us say un ka ju b relation hai wo un ka personal matter hai is tarh pictures net pay dena is so cheap,aur ye kisi cheap aadme ka kam he ho sakta hai.

  17. Fans of two faced Javaid chaudry should remeber his cheap remarks about the president meeting sara paulin in usa. Javaid chaudry always potrays other for such kind of jestures as evil and unethical persons while he himself consider hugging other women as normal routine. for me he is a devil and oppurtunist

  18. Saima baji i agree bilkul sahi kaha aapnay

  19. i m a big fan of javeed sab 4m india. yaar com on may b sir ki koi fan ho gi jis ne pic nikalne ki zid ki ho gi. ya sir ko badnam karne ka koi tarika b to ho sakta hai.pakistani bai logo tantion nat lo yaar sirji aaasa nai kar sakte

  20. sir aap ka cell no chaiye aap se baat karni hai plz pe e
    mail kardijiye ya mera no 0091 9766661069 is pe ek masg dal dijiy

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