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By • Aug 23rd, 2009 • Category: Misc • One Response

If you look at the demographic data collected by many survey mongers, you would surprised at the volume of people searching just for the news. That has got one more implication. When the pristine and big shot newspapers like New York Times, Time Magazine, Reader Digest are facing bankruptcy due to the electronic versions, how could our news groups are to manage this digital onslaught.

People in Pakistan are frantically searching for the Pakistani news. They are interested in searching for Urdu Columns, Urdu News and other like things. Instead of buying plethora of newspaper, now they could just point and click and savor various newspapers. The ease and speed of Internet in the country has also enabled them to fulfill their passion very easily.

The newspaper groups has to adopt some radical change in strategy to monetize the electronic versions, otherwise they will perish.

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