It’s Time To Abandon Democracy

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Amy Chua in her book World on Fire writes: Starting in the late nineteenth century, the explosion of market activity throughout the West was accompanied by the emergence of redistributive institutions of unprecedented magnitude, softening the harshest effects of capitalism. In every developed country these institutions include not only relief to the extremely poor but also progressive taxation, social security, minimum wage laws, worker safety regulation, anti trutst laws, and numerous other features of Western society that we take for granted. These redistributive institutions have almost certainly helped dampen the conflict between market wealth disparities and democratic politics in industrialized West.

This calls for one question worth pondering: why then we are hankering after democracy as the only suitable system for Pakistan. Let me not discuss how dangerous the democracy is for a country like Pakistan that has majority of Muslim people. For a moment consider the dangers the West itself deciphered in opting for democracy along with capitalism. Has not our democratic system done enough damage to the country in the form of corruption, nepotism, monopoly, denial of basic facilities to the poor, leaving people in lurch etc.?

She further said: By contrast, the version of capitalism being promoted outside the West today is essentially laissez-faire and rarely includes any significant redistributive mechanisms. In other words, the United States is aggressively exporting a model of capitalism that the Western nations themselves abandoned a century ago.

Who in Pakistan will question why we are adopting this failed system? Why we are looking for a system that has done enough damage to the West, though they have lessen the degree of damage by following redistribution system. Are we sitting duck waiting upon the disaster this democracy is to do to us? Shall we not learn what the West is crying for, and why they have abandoned this system? I guess this is not part of any agenda of political parties here in Pakistan.

Amy further writes: More broadly, it is critical to recognize that the formula of free market democracy currently being pressed on non-Western nations – the simultaneous pursuit of laissez-faire capitalism and universal suffrage – is one that no Western nation ever adopted at any point in history.

This is quite shocking for those who have been remain oblivious to such dangers and still doing democracy mantra. Are they insane? Or have they lost their consciousness? Do we need such people to rule us, or are we helping them adopt this abandoned system for another five years?

Amy said: In other words, today’s universal policy prescription for “under-development,” shaped and promulgated to a large extent by the United States, essential amounts to this. Take the rawest form of capitalism, slap it together with the rawest form of democracy, and export the two as a package deal to the poorest, most frustrated, most unstable, and most desperate countries of the world. Add market-dominant minorities to the picture, and the instability inherent in this bare knuckle version of free market democracy is compounded a thousandfold by the manipulable forces of ethnic hatred.

The need is that we should stop now adopting failure systems of the West. We don’t need them especially when we have our own better systems based on the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

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