It is Confirmed!!! Altaf Hussain Murdered Imran Farooq

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Altaf Hussain designated Waseem Akhtar in Karachi to arrange for the murder of Imran Farooq. Waseem Akhtar gave this task to Khalid Shameem and Hammad Siddiqui, who are incharge of militant wing of the MQM in Karachi. Khalid Shameem picked two boys from the student wing of MQM, APMSO and arranged students visas for them for the England.

These boys reached London, followed Imran Farooq for few days and noted his routines and then carried out the assassination of Imran Farooq according to the plan. After the murder, both of the boys left London and reached Colombo and stayed there for a while. Khalid Shameem then asked the boys to return Karachi. Khalid wanted to kill these two boys as they reached Karachi to erase all the traces. The sensitive organization of Pakistan taped the phone calls of Khalid Shameem and arrested both boys as they touched down at the Karachi airport.

After that IB and FIA also arrested Khalid Shameem from Karachi and that is the time when Altaf Hussain started crying and asked Zardari that the IB and FIA were giving false information to Scotland yard. But the proofs were solid and scotland yard has almost reached the conclusion. Altaf Hussain is also trying to escape to South Africa, another den of MQM where target killers reside and get trained.

Now Zardari, instead of cooperating with Scotland Yard trying to use this as lever to blackmail MQM and to keep them in government, and Altaf Hussain is also obliging to accept the demand of MQM to save his skin. That is why MQM staged so much bloodshed in Karachi.

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