Islamabad College Girls Mobile Numbers Mania

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Islamabad is the city of aliens and almost 95% of the population comes from outside the city, from across the Pakistan. Disparate cultures make a vortex in Islamabad, and hence city is a vibrant mix of differnet culures and could be called as mini Pakistan.

Modernity set aside, the society of Islamabad is quite modern and open, but then this modernity is taking its toll as dating points in Islamabad are increasing like hell and the boys in Islambaad are hell bent on intimidating the Islamabad Girls.

It has become a routine for the guys to either steal or to cajol the number from the girls and then start teasing them or sending the obnoxious text messages and such things. It is the need of hour that such elements should be identified and apprehended and its time to relieve the Islo Girls from such nefarious activities.

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