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Is Malaysian Plane in Pakistan?

By Haris Hashmi • Mar 17th, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 2 Comments

It’s serious now. Malaysia has asked Pakistan for help. No allegations so far, no finger pointing, nothing concrete, and its all very friendly and humble. In fact, Pakistan is among those countries in this part of Indian Ocean from which Malay authorities have asked for assistance in order to fish out their missing plane.

Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defense and transport minister, is the man who is under pressure from every side. He is coordinating all the efforts for the search mission internally and internationally. More than 25 countries have actively joined this effort to find the plane, whereas many others are passively scouring their coastal and marine areas.

It was deducted few days ago, that the plane traveled for 7 hours in Indian ocean towards the South Asia and its adjoining areas after it lost it’s contact with the radar. It was also concluded that all it’s communication systems were deliberately and intentionally disabled by someone on board. When they calculated the possible destinations, they guessed it was either Pakistan or Mongolia.

It’s not confirmed. But the suspicion is growing that the plane may be hijacked and may be taken to these areas. Pakistan’s track record is not exemplary when it comes to defending our airspace, but then after the BL episode which really exposed our radar systems and our responses, there have been some measures taken to beef it up. Despite of all of our incompetency, it seems highly unlikely that such huge plane, entered into our airspace, and landed on some deserted airstrip.

We are not that big of a country. Our airspace is closely watched by the US too, along with India. If a plane comes from the Arabian sea, which is the usual route of any Malaysian airline, they could either go to the Balochistan or to the Sind province. It’s very unlikely that the plane flew over Sind or Balochistan and went into Afghanistan or Iran. Sind travel time is hardly 1 hour and so is of Balochistan. If it would have landed somewhere in Sindh, it had been located so far as it’s very populous. In Balochistan, there are many deserted places as it’s barren, mostly flat and lease populous. But again, hiding a plane in Balochistan full of hundreds of passengers still seems like a fantasy.

In my opinion, this plane has, unfortunately, crashed somewhere in the Indian ocean or may be alongside some deserted island. It’s near to impossible that the plane would have traveled through northern corridor through so many airspaces of different countries and all kinds of military and civilian radars and didn’t get notice.

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  1. I think Malaysians are the culprits in this case. They come out with details which are so contradictory that everyone suspects them of hiding something. What I found rather funny is the Blogpost by Mr.Strob Talbott a senior officer during Clinton administration who dealt with Indo/US Nuke dispute saying the plane was actually being used to rrepeat a 9/11 on India!!!! Nobody keeps the Military radars 24 hours of the time and Malaysians coming out with contradictory statements is the crux of the problem.Why not the plane has been diverted to Digo Garcia airfield when it can be diverted to Pakistan? These are all silly conjectures.The first week of search in south China sea was a wasted effort if only Malaysians have come out with details like 1.Plane making a diversion 2. Plane having contact with ATC after switching off the APCAR. 3.Pilot’s home being searched now and finding simulator now and his hatred for present regime etc and behaviour changes. But if the pilot flew for another 7 hours after lost radio contact, then he could have never flown at 5000 feet depeting fuel where they guzzle fuel. Malaysians are not being open about the whole issue.

  2. Is it possible that it flew so low to evade the radars?

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