Is Imran Back in Game?

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It was big, indeed a good show. It was impressive, indeed an impressive showdown, despite of the downpour. But was it good enough? Was it impressive enough? If we compare it to the the famous 30th October PTI gathering, then the answer is No, but we can safely say that all that talk about tsunami recession is not true.

Imran is still a player and still inspires a huge chunk of Pakistani youth. At the same time, it’s a reality that a major portion of his youth following has grown disoriented and somewhat angry over Imran’s tilt towards the winnables and electables. This disorientation and anger was palpably evident in the yesterday’s Minar-e-Pakistan rally.

When Javed Hashmi was conducting his speech, there was no enthusiasm at all. Even there were scattered and muffled hooting voices. There was no response to his grandiose sentences and same was the case with Shah Mehmood Qureshi. There was no warmth for Azam Swati, and other PPP, PML-N, and PML-Q defectors.

But when Imran Khan rose, the whole gathering rose. The standing and thudding ovation was running through every row and people were responsive and electrified. I hope Imran got the idea that people want Change and not the same old faces from other parties. People don’t want Aleem Khan, Sadaqat Bhatti, and Javed Hashmi. They want the likes of Omar Sarfaraz Cheema.

Imran has to make this decision. He has been given second chance and he must avail this to stay alive in the politics. He won’t be sweeping the polls, but he can be a king maker after the next elections. But for that role, he has to stick to his change slogan, instead of the electables and defectors. One hopes that he shows sagacity and radicalism going forward.

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