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iPhone in Karachi

By Sharafat • Jun 25th, 2009 • Category: Technology • 7 Comments

In the technology world, in these recession times, few product launches are greeted with as much enthusiasm as the iPhone has evoked in Pakistan. The mobile phone mania is already there and people from all walks of life are just going crazy about them and now this iPhone has broken all the records, especially the new one.

Apple’s iconic device is rocking Pakistan.  Elsewhere in the world and more particularly in the United States, the iPhone has evoked a frenzied response. Apple iPhone was launched on June 29 last year and is available through AT&T exclusively in the US. Apple has sold millions of iPhones already and has targeted 10 million sales by the end of this year.

If the global worship is any indication, the iPhone will be received with equal passion in Pakistan as well, rather it already has been. The Apple iPhone 3G will make its debut in Pakistan very soon, according to the sources.

The iPhone 3G was released by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the Apple World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. The iPhone has gained massive popularity because of its ability to allow users to play music, use the cell phone and also enable web browsing from a single device.

Some of the novel features in the new version include fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store. Users will be able to download innovative applications using the App Store, while the 3G feature allows then to download email over fast 3G cellular networks.

Support for Microsoft Exchange Server will bring push e-mail, contacts and calendar, remote wipe, global contacts access, and auto-discovery to the iPhone. One factor that may go against the iPhone is its pricing. Analysts are predicting a price rage of Rs 25,000 to Rs 35, 000. These sort of prices are out of reach for common people in Pakistan.

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  1. Will iPhone 3G is better choice for such user who is residing in a country where 3G service is not available?

  2. In terms of pricing, I think it is not out of reach of many. People are buying crap phones for over 10,000.
    I don’t how it works on data plans with prepaid account.

  3. Apple have just released the 3rd generation iPhone 3S, which have some additional functions such as compass and 2x faster processing speed. As 3G technology is the core around which the whole data speed works in iPhone(2nd gen) is use less in Pakistan as there is no 3Gprovider yet. Secondly the price for iPhone is not in bracket of 25 tp 30,000 but above 50,000 Rs. Although this puts the iPhone out of range for many consumers but hardcore apple enthusiasts; like me and those who have the bucks to show off will not be stopped by the price tag.
    Apple have no plans of releasing iPhone in Pakistan for the foreseeable future, so most of the version available here are jailbraked ones. The sellers do not provide with any sort of warranty on these buys, as I can tell from personal experience. Pakistan does have a good market for iPhone and other apple products. I recently bought a dual sim Chinese mobile and contrary to the popular belief it is a wonderful piece of hardware, I am still to encounter any problems with reception and battery yet, plus it gives me an added advantage of controlling my iMac and Macbook like a remote control comes in handy during presentations.

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