Investment Options in Pakistan for Common People

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Dear reader, I have put this article in earning from blogging category because I feel that this is the area where the budding and veteran investors in Pakistan should focus from now on as we enter into the next decade.

The reason why US flourished in IT, and now China and India are becoming IT hubs for the world is the plethora of start ups and the continuous flow of capital to them. The venture capitalists are now seeking the individuals with innovative ideas and as the local Pakistani market has yet to see the growth in this area, which is very very promising, there is lots of room for investment and for financing the new ideas.

Yes, the investment options are there other than the web related servers, and I must mention them because you will be expecting that. In my humble opinion, given the insecurity and uncertainty in Pakistan, there are only five options for investment which can be deemed objective:

  1. In property
  2. In gold
  3. In selling commercials vehicles on own
  4. In oil products
  5. In food joints

Nothing can be guaranteed in life and that is so true for investment, but above five options are what are time tested and though the margin is very fluctuating but one can safely tuck his savings for some time period in these businesses to get some return on investment.

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